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I'm sleepy

Posted by Cupid Candy, 13 October 2010 · 37 views

So tired, couldn't stay awake in my last class of the day. School gets boring-er by the minute, i wonder what university will be like. Scares me just thinking about it. :eyetwitch: Oh and i have no more lakorns to watch, how sucky is that??????????????? :teary: So hows life for me, i'm still keeping grudges again ex-friends, playing cold mind gam...

Annoying me

Posted by Cupid Candy, 03 October 2010 · 13 views

I think people don't get it, if i'm angry you shouldn't push me farther. I have a bad temper and if someone goes too far they're most likely gonna get hurt. I have a bad temper

Remakes of Lakorns

Posted by Cupid Candy, 03 October 2010 · 23 views

So right now i'm focusing on lakorns and less on school, but hey school rarely gives homework and if they do i usually finish it in class.
I really love Wanida right now, my favorite lakorn being remade was a nightmare for me but it turns out i really like this version too, they kept a majority of things the same and the cast is great. I think this m...


Posted by Cupid Candy, 24 September 2009 · 19 views

Something i do and i believe in strongly, keeping grudges. I get hurt by people and i go by this rule "remember the pain" if they hurt you they will hurt you again. You gotta prove to me that i can trust you again and just being nice ain't gonna help. I have gotten severely hurt by this one friend and she expects me to forgive her within a hea...

First entry

Posted by Cupid Candy, 24 September 2009 · 15 views

I'm a teenager who spends my time on the computer as much as i can. I don't go out much, my parents have turned me into a paranoid kid that fears of kidnapping, rape, murder, etc, so i don't go anywhere without my parents or someone i trust. I'm like a bird in a cage, but i feel safe, so i won't complain. I get whatever i want anyways....

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