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His first love his deepest scar...

Posted by forevertogether, 26 March 2011 · 72 views

My dear,

If i have known earlier that for me asking u about your first love, your deepest scar would have hurt me this much, I wouldn't dared to asked u in the first place. Cause right now i'm hurting inside. Feeling sad and hurt. Before dating you, we are two good friends. I do know at the time that you was still waiting for someone, but i didn't think that it was this serious. If i have known that this person you are still waiting for all the last fives year was your childhood sweetheart, then i wouldn't dared to ask you. If i have known that asking you about your deepest scar will caught me this big heartache, then i wouldn't dared to asked. Sometime i just want to forget about it and pretend that i don't know about your past love, but i just can't. It bothering me. What should i do now to forget about it. Because no matter how much you show me that you love and care for me, but still i keep having this thought, that deep inside your heart, there is still a part of you that will forever remain her....

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