❤ [CH3] Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn (TV Scene): James Ma/Diana Flipo


sarNie Egg
Skimmed through like 20 mins of the 1st episode and stopped lol. I dislike all Chinese themed lakorns no matter who's in it, period. stick to being Thai please people! tired of thais trying to be Chinese by just saying a couple worlds like "ah gong ah ma" and then speak Thai for the rest, like seriously?
Agree! I have no interest for Chinese storylines. I always avoid them.


sarNie Oldmaid
Really? Matt and Kim both looked older than JMA so I actually liked his debut lakorn with Mint. Mint actually looked his age back then. I wasn’t fond of the newer generation. He needs strong actresses who don’t look older than him. I’m waiting for his pairing with Taew and Mew. These two may be older than JMA but with their petite youths they’ll look compatible physically and all the way around with him! ;) Hope JMA and Diana give the fans something good. :)
Kah Badin it was the whole vibe and the storyline. I loved Matt character there everything made them work for me.


sarNie Adult
I have never had to pull my hair before or cringe so hard from any Lakorn based off the first epidode and DJNFN did just that. It was such a bad drama. I finished that Lakorn to the very end but it was definitely not memorable besides how bad it was. The things I do to just watch James Ma lol. I'm okay with Diana. She is more of supporting material but I can bear through this one.
Oh thank you. I don't even try this one yet, may have to wait til the end and check the review here to see others comments.


sarNie Adult
To me, it's too early for James Ma to take on a lakorn on his own. It would have been better if they have 2 pra'eks in here and one is a veteran and the other is James. Someone that can mentor him. Aum would've been ideal. James is such a sweet guy to not root for him but at the same time his acting is kind of limited at this stage.

Oh, his lakorn with Jeena was just a complete mess. It's like, no matter how good you are but once you accepted that lakorn the acting sucks. Willy went backward, Jeena was just there and James literally leaped in front of everyone.

Almost this saying...what you can do I can do better lol
Well the one with Matt and Kim he was just fine on his own. I enjoyed watching him a lot at that time.


sarNie OldFart
Anybody following this lakorn and where are things at. I so want to watch it for James but it's just not grabbing my attention.
I’m not watching it but I’ve seen a clip the other day from the lakorn. SPOILER ALERT: Diana got stabbed lol it looked like she died but I don’t think they would kill off her character in the lakorn. Especially not this early in the lakorn. I think maybe she just passed out or something


sarNie OldFart
So I was on channel 3 YouTube and saw the Fin scene of this lakorn. I clicked one just to see how James/Diana is...oh, my goodness.

I have no idea what episode but she's in all blue...with a matching blue headband. Sorry, but the clip I saw of Diana is not pretty. To me, it's her chin. It just doesn't go with her overall face. In that particular scene she was trying to act cute, I guessed. It wasn't cute. And James, blessed his heart. He is at a standstill in his acting. It is just not smooth. In motion, I don't see or feel anything between them.


Oh my goodness poor JMA! Please don’t tell me this lakorn is also not too interesting?! :crybaby2::(


sarNie Hatchling
I'm behind on this Lakorn but I'd say it's another cringing Lakorn for James Ma. Idk how to explain it but the chinese words they are using doesn't suit their persona. It's just weird.
Too bad. I just cant watch his lakorn anymore


I'm behind on this Lakorn but I'd say it's another cringing Lakorn for James Ma. Idk how to explain it but the chinese words they are using doesn't suit their persona. It's just weird.
Oh geez. Seriously poor JMA!


sarNie Hatchling
Did CH3 decide to just air all episodes every day after the weekend lakorn was done, because this lakorn is ended today and I was confused why it was airing on a Sunday...

Sad to say I haven't tuned in to any of James Ma's lakorn recently and I really want to like him, he's just so adorable! I didn't even start his lakorn with Jeena, only watched the FIN scenes uploaded on Youtube and then this lakorn with Mint C I had to skip around. Any one know if he has any lakorns for 2019?


I really hope JMA’s lakorns in 2019 will be good. Geez the poor guy is like lost in the mix now. All his lakorns this year were just blah. To me at least. The co-stars didn’t help either. :(

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I always go into TV Scene lakorns hopeful, thinking maybe THIS is the day they make something brilliant and then by the end of the lakorn I hate myself because it is stupid to be hopeful with this production.

The plot was fine but it was just soooo slow. Each episode barely progressed anything. James and Diana have a lot of chemistry and they were actually cute together but there just wasn't enough going on for them. The plot had the basics for a good love story but with TV Scene, the leads' love always takes a back seat and there has to be a lot of room for lessons on human nature and morality. They had good tension in the beginning with the him pushing her away and her being hopelessly in love with him and its not everyday where the p'ek adopts the n'ek but noooo the writers and the director couldn't possibly put some focus on that. Then bam they confess they like each other half way through the lakorn and they spend the rest of the time not doing anything about their relationship. I enjoyed the mafia storyline though, I thought it was well done with the stuff between First and Tah's characters. I was rooting for P'Ai and I wanted him to be good so bad but sadly things didn't go so well with him. A lot of people didn't have to die in this lakorn, it made it super depressing. Unless this is Hong Neur Mungkorn, let's not have a killing spree.

Yoghurt is good at playing such an annoying character, sucks that nothing came out of her crush on Ball's character, I thought they were cute. I've noticed with TV Scene lakorns when there is a secondary character with a one-sided love for another, nothing comes out of it. Happened in Por Yoong Loong Mai Wang with Nong and Bua's character, Neung Dao Fah Diew with Mona and Phet, etc. If there is a good thing between the second leads, I would like to see it work out, lakorns are a fantasy world where yes you can get two people to fall in love even though at first one of them didn't feel it at first.

Plot was good, progression was bad. And that ending yeesh, even until the very end the leads are second focus. I feel like TV Scene's problem is Noom Attaporn. His lakorns put me to sleep but Neung Dao Fah Diew which was directed by another person had me paying attention a whole lot more.


sarNie Hatchling
@Cupid Candy
I agree that it had some sort of great plot but because there were too much plot holes and dragging on
that the story becomes boring and it really wasn't really going anywhere much. A lot of expecting things
to happen was very expected. I was also disappointed that James and Diana had very little focusing on their
love story line but I felt that the director decided to focus on family, money, and power instead of romance.
I was just glad that even though there weren't much between them but their chemistry was spot on. I was not irritated
but their acting and understood why they acted the way they did. I actually really liked Diana in here because she was
very rough and tough and she acted how a teen would do. James too! He at least wasn't weak nor ignorant. He
had a strong character who wanted to protect both sides of his family who raised him. It was a very light-hearted romance
between a young adult and an adult. But I do agree about the ending.. it ended in a rush and pretty crappy. Hahahha.