[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


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She’s fine... not sure why some here doesn’t like her though. She’s a hot actress from Ch3 so with Pope new position, I think he’s going to be pair with top tier actress onward...
Well, I think it's just me @phamx and so sorry for the confusion, our other guys here seems to like her plenty. It's because I love those sort of Shakespeare stories like Duang Jai Akkanee & expected so much from the romance - but though she's youthful & pretty I sort of thought she over-acted there. And then I attempted again with her & my FAVOURITE Aum Artichart & then..... well, you see, there was this bedscene there's a close-up and .....well, I had to struggle & struggled & struggled to watch her ..... and then I just couldn't anymore I had to close my eyes and click off the movie. I have this thing about watching romances & the hero & heroine has to be kind of perfect and some little things about a certain actor or actress just don't do it for me. Poor Yaya huh? And Kim, and Matt. Please don't ask me which part of their anatomy makes it hard for me to watch. (Although Matt, one of her movies don't run into that area so yeah, that movie of hers I like - she was with Andrew Gregson).

But heyyyy, don't fret! My sister loves and loves and loves all these 3 actresses to bits! Especially Yaya and Kim! So it's all a matter of choice, that much I can say.

But Chippy, now that's a girl who can't be saved. Her acting is just poor.
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It's @phatman and @Rachfull who taught me & since then thanks to them I'm having fun. I very much prefer the ones they both put up though, they're the masters & good at it! And Rach has promised another set, right? We're all waiting! Even if we know she's busy with school. But you too can freeze any video scene you like & then print screen on the keyboard. Most people edit as is, I take the lazy way & pasted it on Paint or Photoshop & crop the edges. Good luck!
Thanks for the tip Rosi, I am using a Samsung but I think the freezing & cropping should be the same. Will try it when I have more time.... and also thanks to @phatman and @Rachfull who have provided us with all those wonderful screen caps. Keep them coming, ladies! Same to you too, Rosi.... don't stop!


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@June31sg, you can also use the screenshot option on your phone too! I’m not sure how you do it on phones other than the iPhone but on the iPhone, you just press the home button and the power button simultaneously! It’ll take a still image!

What’s neat is you can also screen record a video! And even capture the sound. That’s how I make my videos and gifs!!:)
You too, @maimyang! Thank you for the tip and screenshot on how to create screen caps. Looks like I must really find time to do it so as not to disappoint you ladies... :p


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Wow, I haven't been back in a few weeks and happy to see this thread still going strong! Recently fell in love with another drama, HJS. Haven't been so excited about a drama since BPS last year! Coming back here made me miss Khun P n Kade and those crazy days...

Gotta share this - a few weeks ago, I reconnected with a fren whom I've not met in 10 years. As it turned out, she had been keeping in touch with some of our other common frens n was recommending BPS to them, gushing about her new found love in BPS/Pope since the start of 2019 n trying to get them to watch (she found the drama accidentally online. It's bhuppae sunniwat!). Haaa, but well, I'd already asked our common frens to watch last year! Was happy to meet her in our gathering n we chatted about Pope the whole night. Ktv session it was but well, both of us didnt sing lol. I was amazed that she binged watched Pope's dramas! Hats off to her!

@Rosi - keep the recaps coming! Love your funny witty write ups for the pics. We should meet up soon when you have time~~


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At the end of the video, there’s a date 26.04.19! I wonder what the 26th of April means!! Hopefully it means seeing more of these two handsome men together. So happy they’re friends!!!!
It's an event of Nescafe Thailand, introduce new presenters of their new product Blend and Brew. Hang on tight, hope there are more duo singing live like this. I just wanna know if Pope can play guitar lol, JJ of course can.