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From Khun Rompaeng facebook. PL would have about 15 chapters. She might finish them in 3-4 months. The chapter 2 – 5 released on her facebook are still raw files.

Chapter II

Nang KUI dreamt that she was amid smog shivering. It was so cold that she nearly froze to death. She was scared as she didn't know where she was. She called her niece who was a daughter of her distant relative. She had looked after her for over 10 years because her parents had died of smallpox.

“Mae Glin, Mae Glin, where is it? How am I here?” She was trembling with fear for a while then there was a flash of light appeared in front of her together with a sturdy man with white clothes. His eyes looked like a hawk’s eyes but having sparkling of mercy. His appearance looked like an elderly man with grey hair but there was not any wrinkles on his face as it should be.

Nang GUI rushed to kneel to prostrate him asking him to help. “Help me please, I get lost.”

The man told her “Calm down, don’t be afraid. I’m taking you home but I would like you to put the care of my descendant.”

Who? Who is he? Nang Gui asked. Though scare in her eyes stayed still her fear decreased according to her characteristic not being afraid of anything easily. She thought this ascetic might be a magician who brought her here.

“A girl, if you accepted I would help you to have the property that it would never be used up this life and in the next life.” The man answered.”

“Really?” Nang Gui asked.

“I don’t force you. If you agree, get this. The ascetic handed her a ruby inlay gold necklace. It was beautiful as she had never seen before. Nang Gui was willing to receive it, but still confused, then everything went out like her being shoved away down to abyss.

Nang Gui was frightened waking up. In her dream she felt like everything was true, unlike the dream that had previously been. She got up and heard something falling to the plank. She lighted a lantern and found a ruby as big as the knuckle of the little finger. Her heart that was already calm jerked up again.

“Didn’t dream, I didn’t dream.” She cried out and picked up the ruby and walked into the monk room, lighted a candle and prayed until her mind was calm. She looked at the ruby in a silver tray in front of a set of altar table and sighed. Lately she often saw golden light sparkling far away. She saw it clearly because of the dawn and the sky still dark. She stared at it and looked like she knew but she was not certain.
When the sun rose she cleaned her face and ordered her servants to go to work in the garden.

“There is a rumor immensely now" Gadesurang (Khun Ying WiSootSaKorn) was talking with Date (PraYa WiSootSaKorn). Her voice remained cheerful and her eyes were bright like they used to be since 20 years ago.

“Rumor about what? Mae Garagade.” Date asked. His eyes when looking at beloved woman still were the same as it was. It never changed.

“There are people see the golden light from the river bend Yai Gui’s garden.” She said.

“Is that so? What light?” Date asked.

“People said it was a treasure that Mother Earth would give to a person who had good deeds.”

“Huh” Date stared at his Khun Ying Wisootsakorn suspiciously and nearly forbid her but could not do it in time.

“Let’s go to see it. If it is true, try to dig it. There might be a treasure in the reign of Pra Jao U thong, Pra BoromTriLokanat or the King Naraesaun. Gade said. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Khun Ying Garagade, our children have grown up and now they are able to get married. You should slacken your curiosity. Date said.

“I would like to know. I used to see the light but when I intended to stared at it, it disappeared.”

“Nonsense.” Date said and changed the topic.

“Today Por Rueng is coming back from Mueng Song Kwae (Pitsanulok) and Mae Prang is from the palace. Have you prepared food for them yet?
“Oh that’s right, I’m so excited about the rumor I forget it. There is no time left to go to Talad Noi (Market). Just grilled prawn, a pot of Tom Yum and omelet seasoning with fish sauce would be good. Khun P’ Ka, I’m going down to the kitchen.” She said getting up and nodded to Nang Pin and Nang Yam to follow her. Nang Pin and Nang Yam looked at Date and simpered before crawling and walking away.

******Pitsanulok is a province of Thailand that used to have two rivers (Kwae Noi River and Nan River) passed, so its old name is “Mueng Song Kwae (สองแคว)”. At the present time the Kwae Noi River had changed its path.

Mueng = เมือง = town
Song = สอง = two
Kwae = แคว = small stream or small river runs to another big river

Due to Pitsanulok has a river runs past in the middle of the town so it has another old name too, it is “Mueng Oak taaek (อกแตก)”.

Oak = อก = chest
Taaek = แตก = break

In the past communities always started at the banks of the river. Besides getting water from the river, people used the river as a travelling route and transportation.

Pra Ya WiSootSaKorn looked at all of them out and sighed. He looked towards the direction of Yai Gui’s garden with deep worrying. He thought of the time Gade had touched the Koi book and her soul slipped away. He buried the book instead of destroying it because he feared that if he did it, it would have any effect to her soul. He felt very scared because he remembered he buried the Khoi book that direction, the river bend Yai Gui’s garden

“Por Date, what’s a fuss? The noise went to my bedroom.”

Khun Ying Jumpa was over 60 years old but she still was strong. She walked to sit on the same stool that Gade was just sat. Nang Prik and Nang Juang came with her blowing. Both of them were old but strong too. Nang Prik who her whole hair turned grey but her eyes and ears were still good.

“I heard Khun Ying Garagade talked about the golden light occurred towards the river bend Yai Gui’s garden Jao Ka” Ma Prik told Khun Ying JumPa.

“What? She might just find a story to entertain her children.” Khun Ying Jumpa didn’t believe.

“The children have grown up as a young man, a young girl. Mae Kaew is getting married but Por Date’s wife is still curious. She looks after her children strangely too. She giggled with them as if they are close friends. No one does that. Khun Ying Jumpa said and sighed like she was tired of it but there was a smile in her eyes.

Date looked down to hide his glittering eyes. If his mother knew Gade taught self-defense to Mae Gaew and Mae Prang, she would surely faint.
“Today all children are coming back home. Mae Prang would be more mature or not. She is so harsh in her manner. Why doesn’t Por Rit come back with you? Khun Ying Jumpa asked.

“Por Rit volunteers to buy a chicken at Talad Noi. Mae Prang’s Gai som (Som was the name of the chicken) has just died this afternoon. Por Rit would not like Mae Prang to know so he has to take Som there to buy a new one looks like it.”

“This is another matter spoiling his sister. Khun Ying Jumpa didn’t agree.

“Mae Prang usually doesn't cry but when she does, it is hard to make her stop. I think Por Rit does it right.” Date explained.

“Isn’t it you yourself would not like to see Mae Prang’s tears?” You loved and spoiled her since she was young. Anyway I wouldn't like to see her cry also. Well, I’m going to the kitchen to see what Mae Garagade cooks.”

Date helped his mother up to the kitchen and came back to change clothes and returned to work at the patio as always. After Date’s father died, Nai Muong became a servant who took care of date. He prepared tea for Date and went back to sit waiting if Date needed anything.

Date’s sharp eyes looked towards Yai Gui’s garden before going to bring a slate from the library calculating what he was worried about.

Wicha Suriyayaat that Date learned from her father, he had been transferred to both sons all. At the beginning he thought Por Rueng would do it better than Por Rit because he was calm like his grandfather. But it turned out that Por Rit was more advanced. He also was expert at incantation because he was more curious than his brother.

******Wicha = Knowledge, subject
******Wicha SuRiYaYaat is a textbook for calculating the position of stars used in Thai astrology.

For Por Rueng he turned out to be good at fighting. He was an incomparable fighter. Even his father (Date) Por Rueng could win him without difficulty. Mont Gris sa na gali that date learned by heart, he transferred to his sons wak by wak (each pause in writing) because the Khoi book had been buried for a long time. Por Rit learned all different from Por Rueng. Por Rueng could not remember all. When He got this wak then he forgot the former wak. Even Mae Prang beg him to teach her Wicha Suriyayaat until at last he had to comply. Mae Prang’s learning also was more progress than Por Rueng. She could predict the auspicious time better than Por Rueng. Of course, Date would not let his mother know this otherwise he and his daughter certainly would be blamed.

Date put down the slate after getting the result of prediction. It was strange. It had both getting and losing. His eyes were full of anxiety and heavy thought. He sighed and said words not louder than a whisper.

"My beloved Mae Garagade"

Muen Maharit (Por Rit/Rit) intensionally looked at the chickens in the coop one by one. He went there with Nai Jerm. Nai Jerm (Joi in lakorn) became a close servant of Rit his master in child generation. Although Nai Jerm was used to PraYa Wisootsakorn’s family that was not like any family in Ayutthaya he felt tolerate while following his master in the market. It was because of bringing a dead chicken to compare with an alive chicken being counted the eighth time in the past fifteen years, always created laugh for the merchants who they were familiar with.

“Is this good?” Muen Maharit turned to ask Nai Jerm.

“Yes, it is.” Nai Jerm answered. For him, no matter how many times he looked at the kitchens, they were the same. Especially Gai Bann their colors almost had no difference. But a person who was prudent like Muen Maharit, he lifted up the chicken to look thoroughly until he found a flaw.

“Not good, there is too little yellow pattern. Mae Prang’s chicken had yellow stripes on both sides sharper than this.”

Gai Bann = ไก่บ้าน

Gai = Chicken
Baan = House

The meaning of Gai Baan (ไก่บ้าน) is rather wide.

= A kind of chickens popular as food
= Chickens that people raise around their houses to get their eggs or meat as food.
= Chickens that people raise around their houses or open field for sale (naturally raised chickens), not being raised in the farm
= local Chickens, not come from other provinces, region or other countries

“This time how did the chicken die Khor Rab Taan Muen?” A merchant who was familiar with asked him with respect although he knew that this Praya Wisootsoontorn’s son was not a person who would be puffed up of his rank. It could say, almost everyone in his family spoke politely and kindly to merchants in the market especially the raft merchant admired Muen Wisootsoontorn because he did not accept any bribes. Even intimidating or demand of discounted prices from them they had never done until everyone and every shop gave the lowest price for their servants who bought goods for their master.

“It would be bite by a centipede. In the late morning I came back to see it in the coop, it was dead. Muen Maharit answered.

Thai particles

****** Khor Rab (ขอรับ) - word added by a male speaker to the end of every sentence to convey politeness.
******Jao Ka (เจ้าคะ) - word added by a female speaker to the end of every question to convey politeness
******Jao Ka (เจ้าค่ะ) - word added by a female speaker to the end of every statement to convey politeness

At the present we use
Krab (ครับ) instead of Khor Rab (ขอรับ)
Ka (คะ) instead of Jao Ka (เจ้าคะ)
Ka (ค่ะ) instead of Jao Ka (เจ้าค่ะ)

Some Thai people are used to these particles to make what they say more polite. So when they speak English they add those at the end or a sentence also like :
Good morning Kaa...
Good morning Kraab..
Thank you Kaa..
Thank you Kraab......

Muen Maharit and Nai Jerm walked around until they found a young chicken, the same size and similar color not much different from the dead one. Muen Maharit bought it and took care of it well. They rushed home because they were afraid that his 2 sisters would arrive home before them.

Nai Chom a servant who grew up with his master was assigned to guard the boat picking up the chicken from Nai Jerm, waited until his master was on the boat. Nai Chom and Nai Jerm speeded their rowing in order to get home in time. They covered with sweat because of the heat of the afternoon sunshine.

Nai Jerm looked at the thick cloud that immediately floating above the water of Klong Glaab (Klong = canal). They hadn’t passed the river bend Yai Gui’s Garden yet but the cloud nearly obscured the whole sunshine.

“Really good the cloud coming, the sun is being hot.” Nai Chom smiled.

Before arriving the area of his home Muen Maharit saw golden sparkle from the river bend he was passing. He frowned and curiosity sprung up in his eyes. It made Nai Jerm have to look follow his sight but he saw only a normal scenery along the canal.

When he arrived at the house he told Nai Jerm.

“P’ Jerm take a hoe and a spade and follow me to the river bend Yai Gui”s garden. Ai Chom put the chicken in the coop and stay here. I and P’ Jerm are going to bury Ai Som. Muen Maharit told his servants.

When Nai Jerm came back both of them walked deep into garden looking for a suitable place. Nai Jerm dig out until the pit was wide enough. His master put the dead chicken there before Nai Jerm filled in the pit.

That moment there was a golden light appeared again in the visible distance. Both of them stopped for a moment before tuning to look at each other. The golden light still was shining from the ground far away and did not disappear like before.

“I used to see that light when I was young but it came for a while and had gone. It was not there for a long time like this. When it happened I used to go there but it was gone before I reached. Today it happened in front of me so I have to go to see it. Do you think that someone has released black magic to hurt people in our home?

“I don’t know Khor Rab but are you really going there? If it is not a good thing Lom Pae Lom Paat it would be a big matter.” Nai Jerm said and warned him. If there was anything happened to Praya Wisootsoontorn’s son, he would be headless. So his voice trembled.

“What are you afraid of? I have Wicha (The knowledge he learnt from his father)” He said and looked up. He looked brave. Then he walked quickly towards the light hoping that if he came closer he would know where it came from.

****** LomePae-LomePaat = ลมเพลมพัด has 2 meanings

1st meaning :
= Illness that do not know the cause often believed that it was done.
= Illness that believed to be due to black magic.

"If you are down on your luck and accidentally go to a place that there are some people trying to test the efficacy of their talisman, incantation or spell to see if those are really magical. It is released by the wind so you might get it and be sick.”

2nd meaning :
= variable

“Women often have more mood swings than men.”
“Women often have symptoms of LomePaeLomePaat more than men.”

Lome = Wind
Pae = crumble, collapse, fall apart, go to pieces etc.
Paat = blow

The center of the light was on a mound near a small waterway (ditch). He grabbed the hoe from Nai Jerm to dig with a strong force. Just a moment the how was deep down to hit something. It was too hard to be a stone or clod of earth. His hands were reflected so strongly that he nearly released the hoe slip away.

“P’ Jerm, help me. I’ve found something” Nai Jerm helped him did and he found that it was a chest not very new or old. He stepped back before speaking splutteringly.

“Don’t touch it please. It would be good if we tell Taan Praya (Date) before.” He said and grabbed his master’s hand but he brushed it off.

“Why do I have to tell him? Just this, I have recited a spell to get rid of the black magic already.” He told his servant. He lifted the chest out of the ground and used the hoe shuffled the lock. Then the golden light was spread even stronger.

“Yai (Grandma) the golden light comes again in the garden near the river bend next to the house of Praya Wisootsoontorn.” Mae Glin, her niece called her so loudly that Yai Gui was startle”

“Ouch! Why do you have to shout? You‘ve made me shocked. If I pass out to death becoming a ghost, I will come to haunt you.” Yai Gui threatened Mae.

"What? The light is so bright this time in spite of the middle of the day. It has come for some time. Let's go to see it, it may be a treasure of Mother Earth” Mae Glin said.

Although Yai Gui was old but she was still healthy because of regular exercise from gardening. She looked at that bright light quietly and recalled her dream last night. So she got up actively.

“Go, go to see it” she persuaded Mae Glin.

Yai Gui's stance caused Mae Glin to be confused.

“Aren’t you afraid of it anymore Yai? The former times you told me not to be interested in that light. Why today would you like to see it? Mae Glin wondered.

Yai Gui sighed. "I'm not interested in what the treasure is. It is beyond our ascendancy but I have promised him. Go! Go! Don't tardy. It might be too late.
“Too late for what? Yai. What do you promise and with whom?” Mae Glin asked.

“Follow me, move.” Nang Gui walked and told another 2 servants to follow her. She was heading into the garden towards the river bend where she saw the light. The whole group walked up to the source of it and there they all looked at same point. It was a sharp-eyed young man kneeling opening a chest and there was a familiar face like Nai Jerm kneeling beside him.

“Yai, those are Muen Rit and P’ Jerm or that Muen Rueang has come back from Song Kwae already” Mae Glin held her grandma’s hand and moved her eye to look at the chest that was shining the gold light on the mound surprisingly.

“Yai they will open the treasure. Let's go to see.” Nang Gui stood still. She did not walk according to her niece's traction but turned out to pull her niece instead and warned her.

“Be Quiet Mae Glin.” When the leader refused to walk. They all needed to stay with her. The sky was getting dark. The wind began to blow stronger. Muen Maharit opened the chest seeing old oil-plated paper. Inside there was a white cloth wrapped. When it was opened, there was a khoi book. Nai jerm blinked eyes wide. He remembered it was an important textbook of Phraya Horathibodi.

“Khoi book of Mon Grit Sa Na Gali” Nai Jerm cried out.

Muen Maharit turned to look at his servant surprisingly before reaching out and touched the book.

As soon as his skin was exposed to the koi book, the sky was suddenly darkened like twilight. The golden light emits light until the eyes of anyone could not see anything and was extinguished at the same time.

Poodtaan opened her eyes after couldn't be exposed to the light. The ears heard a voice of exclaiming. The Khoi book in her hands seemed being pulled. Muen Maharit tries to open his eyes wider looking at someone grabbing the book as if snatching.

He immediately thought of a terrible ghost that was often found along the ditch and it might be a supporter of people who had a spell.

His foot as fast as thought, he lifted his leg and shove away with all his strength because he startled. He pulled Nai Jerm to run away with him but he ran only for three or four steps then he stopped. He thought that the one that he accidentally kicked a moment ago had flesh and now there was a sound of crying out painfully and that was the woman voice.

He turned to look and found that that body looked subtle although it was not clear because her head was being covered by a cloth. Both the head and ears were all dirty with mud from the ditch.

Who are you? How can you be here? Are you Pii Kamode or not? (Pii Kamode is a kind of ghost)

“Ouch, how can you do it? I will tell P' Danai to give you the sack. She cried out and grasped her painful waist.” She thought it was lucky that she was tolerated. The ten-wheeled truck crashes but she didn't die. She thought over and raised her hands to wipe tears from her eyes but it made her face dirtier.

“Coming, she’s coming” Nang Gui exclaimed and rushed near the ditch. She told her 2 servants went into the ditch to hold the strange girl up. She still looked painful.

“Yai Gui, do you know this girl?” Mae Glin asked.

Muen Maharit now relaxed, breathed in and out slowly and asked Nang Gui about the girl.

“Uh I don’t know but I was asked to put the care of her.” Nang Gui tried to explain. Mae Glin even looked at her grandmother with surprise.
“Ah she came with Yai Gui Khor Rab Taan Meun.” Nai Jerm said and grabbed the hoe and a spade in his hands.

Poodtaan looked around and looked at people around her with trance until forgot the pain.

“Who are you? Why are you putting on strange clothes? And the hair style too. Am I seeing ghosts? The last sentence she asked herself while seeing the picture in front of her.

Poodtaan looked up at the young man at the ditch which would be a mysterious foot that kicked her. He was wearing clothes similar to ancient Thai men but the fabric looked better than the others. When their eyes met, a strange feeling agitated her and flung to her heart. She felt like the time would stop. Strange familiarity caused her eyes full of wonder.

“Why are your words so strange? Well it is over. Let’s go home, P’ Jerm. Mae Gaew, Mae Prang would be about to come. Muen Maharit said. He put the khoi book into the chest and lifted it going back home.

“Wait! Where are you going?” Poodtaan brushed off the hands of the 2 servants and walked to the mound to catch his arm. Muen Maharit felt of a weak stream of something from the touch of the stranger. So turned to look and frowned.

“What are you doing? You are a woman. Why do you come to grab a guy. Aren't you shy? Let me go now. His voice was so intense that she had to release his arm before doing it again at once.

“Wait! Take the book back to me. You can't steal it. I will inform the Department of Fine Arts. She said and looked for her workers who were still around her at the moment and she had to be stunned. She looked at the tree, the ditch and the mound that she was not used to them. Her face became pale.

“Where are all workers? And where is it here? Where is Ruen Thai that used to be here? What a crazy is this? Poodtaan was confused.

“It looks like Yai’ Gui’s girl would be crazy. I’m sorry for shoving you so strong. I was frightened then. If you are sick because of me, send anyone to tell me at Praya Wisootsakorn’s house. Now I’m giving some Att (small change in Ayutthaya Era) to you if you need to buy some medicine. He handed the chest to Nai Jerm to hold it despite him having a hoe and a spade in his hands. He pulled a pouch from his waist and hand it one to her.

When he saw Poodtaan didn’t give her hands to receive the money so he held her hand up and put the money there.

His heart twitched a little when recognizing hot currents spread from the skin in the palm of his hand He looked up to see her face that was hidden under the cloth. He was stunned. Poodtaan felt the same. She startled so she pulled her hand back and looked at Att in her hand with the confused face.
“Let’s go P’Jerm.” Muen Maharit said.

“Wait! What about the book?” Poodtaan still would like to get the book back.

“This book is Mon Grit Sa Na Gali. It is a spell that has passed on our family. It is nothing to do with you.” That moment, if you don't think of snatching it from me, I wouldn't kick you to make you hurt like this. You put the cloth around your head and ears. How lucky that I didn't stab you with dagger.” Muen Maharit said.

“Mon Grit Sa Na Gali” this word made Poodtaan felt as if she was being hit in the brain. Besides, no matter what she heard, saw, words, clothes of the people and the changing environment in an instant, all could make her go crazy. She felt the world was going to darken again but this time it would do together with her consciousness.

Her body was swaying until Muen Maharit had to come quickly to hold her. The cloth around her head slipped down. Her hair was bundled with a stretchy cloth. From her appearance looked too flawless to be a villager around here and she was wearing a gold necklace with a locket. He felt the heat on her body so he called Yai Gui to take care of her. Yai Gui told her servants to take Poodtaan from the ditch towards to her.

Muen Maharit told Nai Jerm to put the cloth in the water and gave it to the servants of Yai Kui for wiping her face and body.

He told Yai Gui that he had to go back home because his brother and sisters would go back home today. He was out for a long time. His mother would be waiting.

“Jao Ka” Nang Gui said while using the cloth wiped her face.

“The deity asked me to put the care of her so she would not be a ghost.” Yai Gui murmured.

“I hope she would be alright? Muen Maharit said while looked at her.” She was more beautiful than any girl he had met. She looked like his mother but she was more shining because she was younger.

“Taan Muen Khor Rab.” Nai Jerm called him. “It is late afternoon now. Mae Ying Gaew and Mae Ying Prang would nearly get home.” Nai Jerm saw the way Muen Maharit was looking at the girl wearing strange clothes so he was suspicious and she looked like Mae Nai Garagade making him more suspicious than ever.

“Yeah, let’s go. He said and turned to say to Yai Gui “Please take care of her. I will come to see her again later. If she is sick and you would like me to help, please send a message to me.”

“Jao Ka Taan Muen.” Nang Gui gave her word and told her servants to take Poodtaan to her house.

“Yai, this girl was wearing strange clothes. She might be a forest ghost undercover. I think Yai’d better leave her here. Please don’t take her our home.” Mae Glin looked at the girl being carried like a pig with dissatisfaction.

“She is not a ghost. If she will be, she will be a deity.” Nang Gui said.

“Why her face looks like Khun Ying Garagade and she appeared like popping up in the air. Did you see that? Even Taan Muen had a strange attitude also. I have a presentiment that she would bring disaster to our house.”

“Do you envy her more beautiful than you? Nang Glin”

“Why do I have to envy her? Yai knew what kind of person I am. But I don’t like her. Did you see her eyes before she passed out? She must be more dangerous than anyone else. She would bring us into trouble.”

“Don’t say nonsense. She hasn’t recovered yet. We don’t know how her temperament is.”

“But Yai..”

“Shut up! E Glin. I’m the owner of the house. I will let her live here.”

Mae Glin could do only to swallow her cursing for that girl down to the throat. She didn’t understand herself why she hated that girl very much. In hate there was fear also. She felt like that the girl had some power that might make her calm life collapse easily.


P.S. If you observe the pronouns in this story they were changed depending on social status of the speaker and listener.

Khun Ying Jumpa called persons in their family

Date = Por Date,
Garagade = Mae Garagade
Rueng = Por Rueang,
Rit = Por rit
Gaew = Mae Gaew
Prang = Mae Prang

Nai Jerm called them:

Date (Praya Wisootsakorn) = Taan Praya
Garagade = Mae Nai Garagade
Muen Maharit = Taan Meun
Muen Rueang = Taan Meun
Mae Gaew = Mae Ying Gaew (Ying = female, girl, woman)
Mae Prang = Mae Ying Prang

Persons outside the family, a merchant, Nang Gui :

Muen Maharit = Taan Meun
Taan = you, he, she, him, her, they, them (call with respect)

Sometimes Pronoun is changed according to the temper of the speaker. :

Yai Guil called her niece “Mae Glin (แม่กลิ่น)”
“Be Quiet Mae Glin.”

When she was unsatisfied she called her “Nang Glin (นังกลิ่น)”
“Do you envy her more beautiful than you? Nang Glin”

When she was angry she called her “Ee Glin (อีกลิ่น)”
“Shut up! E Glin. I’m the owner of the house. I will let her live here.”

***** The word Nang/นาง (Gui) and Nang/นัง (Glin) when we write in English it is spelled the same but in the Thai language They are different in pronunciation.

Nang = นาง = Mrs., woman
Nang = นัง = a derogatory version of นาง placed in front of a name showing disapproval (Pronunciation is shorter)
Oh lovely, our dear @Amata !!!! Thank you for this!! You've captured the translation so elaborately it's helpful reading for us who's been waiting; I'm in chills haha it'll be just as romantic!


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I’m going to say this drama will be save by the acting of the actors in it, most of them are good actors. Direction and script provably will be mediocore. What they can do is hire good OST director.

Pope and Bell probably have a lot of staring contest. Lucky enough their eyes can speak volumes.


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There’s a post of the three nang rai. Which one do you think the most evil of all? Lol
After I saw Mae Karakade I don't think anyone could beat her! It's the extreme ends of beauty & wretched evilness! She's very beautiful - much much more beautiful than Kadesurang who's actually quite mild looking in comparison but that aura of darkness & cruelty is purely the devil. She beating up the servants in one thing but to act innocent "oh no! How could that be?!" after she has maliciousness drowned their neighbour's poor maid is just horrible.


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There’s a post of the three nang rai. Which one do you think the most evil of all? Lol
Lol I would say our Mae Ying Karakade was the most evil. She was just cruel to everyone around her, even the people that loved her!

Thienkam was because Kalin when back for revenge lol I'm not saying what Kalin did was right, but she has her reasons to treat everyone like crap.

& I haven't really watched the one with Yaya, so idk that character yet.


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I would like to correct the chapter I and II again but I have no time yet.
Here is the chapter III, rather long.

Chapter III (Raw file)

When Poodtaan opened her eyes she was dizzy. So she closed her eyes again to suppress the dizziness. When she did it again she saw beam and roof sheets overlapping. She felt someone move beside her and heard a merciful voice.

“You’ve recovered. How are you? Is there any pain?

When Poodtaan saw things around clearly she realized what happened. She sat up and found that she was in a bed with a thin mattress. Her body part that was shoved away would be bruised because it was immediately painful. She looked to the side and saw there was an old woman sitting looking at her. There was a girl sitting away. Poodtaan’s clothes were changed to Pa nung and Pa tab. When she bowed down to look at herself she felt shy but she tried to suppress confusion in her mind. Those who could answer some questions probably would be the old woman in front of her.

Pa nung = ผ้านุ่ง = a long rectangular cloth used as wrapped skirt
Pa taab = ผ้าแถบ = a long piece of cloth for wrapping around the breasts formerly used by a Thai woman

“Where is here? What’s happened? Who are you Khun Yai? Why everyone dressed up strange? What is that man? Has he taken the book, hasn’t he?”
“You ask many questions. Which question would you like us to answer first? Your words are different than ours” That girl said and turned to say to the old woman.

“Yai, believe me, kick her off. She looks crazy.”

From what the girl said, Poodtaan felt unpleasant but she could not piece together yet what was going on. So she had to be patient not to respond. She just stared at both of them hoping one of them would give her the answers.

“Mae Glin looking her appearance, if we drive her out, she probably could not keep away from bad matters. Have some kindness.” Nang Gui warned her niece and turned to answer Poodtaan kindly.

“Here is Ayutthaya. Where are you from, angel? Which heaven? Why do you come here on earth?”

“Angel? What do you mean? If here is Ayutthaya it would be the site…what about the workers decorating the garden? Where are they all?”

“Here is Yai Gui’s home. There are not any of your workers. All servants here belong to Yai. Mae Glin said to her without tone of voice (without respect)”

Poodtaan listened to her but she did not understand much. Poodtaan looked at her Sabai with no stripe and her Pa nung with front pleats and Yai Gui’s blouse with front opening, ivory buttons.

Sabai = a long piece of cloth that covers the upper body
Poodtaaan looked outside there were 2 – 3 people sitting on the floor wearing dark colour Pa taab. All of them were with no jewelry different from the two women next to her. They were full of decorations like earrings, gold necklace, bracelet and golden belt.

When Poodtaan saw Joong Grabain she was frightened and sensed something.

Joong Grabain

“What year is this? What’s Por Sor? Poodtaan was not certain she crossed dimension or died. How could she go back? The decorating of the garden was not finished yet.

“What is Por Sor? This year is Julasakkaraj 1069.

“Huh? What is Julasakkaraj? What about Phuttasakkaraj? Is Buddhism your religion?

“There are all here, Buddhism, Christ and Islam. What you ask is so crazy?”

Mae Glin answered with her face frowning. She thought what this strange woman asked were annoying both of her words and her manners.

Por Sor = พ.ศ. = พุทธศักราช =Phuttasakkaraj = Buddhist Era = B.E.
Julasakkaraj = จ.ศ. =Jor Sor = Thai minor Era. It started in 1181 B.E. (638 A.D.). The year round was 16th April to 15th April. At the present Thailand uses B.E.


Poodtaan kept her feeling of displeasure to Mae Glin the second time. She turned to look at the old woman who was rather kind to her.

“Ach! Phttasakkaraj 2251 this year.” Nang Gui answered.

“What? Poodtaan exclaimed loud and calculated in mind.

“Ov..over 300 years. I travel into the past. Is it real? Oh no.”

“And who is the King now? What is the name of the King?”

“The King? Jao Fa Phet is the new Khun Laung. He has just been after Khun Luang Sue, his father passed away. Didn’t the deity your relative told you?” Nang Gui said while raising her hands together to prostrate above her head and stared at Poodtaan.

“What deity? I’m not used to the name of Khun Luang. Does Khun Luang mean the king? Which dynasty? Certainly it is not Chakri dynasty.” She asked and said to herself back and forth like her being mad as Mae Glin satirized. What she perceived was above her expectation beyond her brain to accept.”

The pain from being shoved made her know she didn’t dream and now her conscious was too clear and complete to think it was a hallucination.

“Ouch! You are not making any sense. Don’t you know even Khun Luang? “ Mae Glin could not help saying that. But when she saw Poodtaan’s confused and harmless manners, her harsh eyes went softer.

“She doesn’t know because she comes from the other place.” Nang Gui told her niece.

“How do you get to know this girl?” Or is she our relative just comes to us? Why don’t I know anything?”

“She is not our relative but her relative asked me to put the care of her” Nang Gui said and turned to ask Poodtaan.

“Are you hungry? You have food first then think and talk about it later.

“Poodtaan was quiet while both of them responding. Her brain still thought about it but felt so hungry too, so she nodded with embarrassed and pale face.

When she got up from the bed, Poodtaan could not help glancing at Mae Glin with displeasure. Many times this girl satirized her. Because of a newcomer, then Poodtaan would not like to have any argument with her. She would be waiting for being accustomed to here, if she didn’t retort Mae Glin satisfactorily, it was certain that she would not be Poodtaan.

The smell and the sweat spreading out in the room caused her nearly unbearable nausea. Her pale face made people who saw her feel sorry for her.
Yai Gui told Nang Aon and Nang Aim helped support her. Nang Ung went down to prepare a tray of food. Poodtaan looked at the floor. The planks were spotted and rather slippery. They were gaps between them so she saw bamboo lattice beneath. Even the bed she just left also was made of bamboo. It looked not strong. There was a dark spittoon at the foot of the bed.

She found that the room that she left was one of two rooms being built in row. There were another 2 rooms opposite. There was a large room was between the 4 rooms

In the middle was a wide high platform covered with a pavilion. These houses were built in a simple style but strong. There were both hardwood and bamboo parts. When looking behind the houses, there was a long bamboo house with thatched roof. There was smoke floating slowly there. It would be the kitchen part.

Poodtaan sat down on the platform before turning to the old woman. Yai Gui picked up betel nut and betel leaf, trimmed it and chewed it while asking Poodtaan.

“What is your name? Mine is Gui. My niece, Glin.

“My name Poodtaan. Ka”

“If you are not an angel so where you come from? Why are your words so strange?

“I’m from Krungthep.” Its full name is Krungthepmahanakhon Amornrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Nopparatratachathaniburiroom Udomratchaniwethmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit.”

Thanks for Asanee and Wasan Chotikul, famous duo in 90’s.

Poodtaan sighed heavily after the end but had to hold her smile when the 5 listeners gaped.


Thai people call their capital “Krungthep” not Bangkok. Its full name is the longest name in the world according to the Guiness Book. So it is hard to remember.
Poodtaan thanked Asanee and Wasan Chotikul because one of their album having a song named “Krungthepmahanakhon” The content of the whole song is the full name of Krungthep. That helps Thai people remember it.

Here is the song “Krungthepmahanakhon”. :

Meaning :
Krungthepmahanakhon = Great city of the angels
Amornrattanakosin = City where the Emerald Buddha is enshrined
Mahintharayutthaya = Great city that no one can win (battle, war).
Mahadilokphop = Greatest world/land
Nopparatratachathaniburiroom = Magnificent City of the Nine Gems, very pleasant
Udomratchaniwethmahasathan = Great City of Royal Palaces
Amonphimanawatansathit = Home of the Gods Incarnate
Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit = Erected by Visvakarman at Indra’s Behest.


Nang Gui was the first person to get conscious.

“You remember such a long name you must be extraordinary wise.” Nang Gui said

Seeing anyone stunned was not so satisfied as seeing Mae Glin stunned. Poodtaan kept it in her mind so she just said.

“It’s shortly called “Krugthep.”

Muengthep Amornrattanakosin, Nang Glin repeated the first Wak of the name of the city then she said.

“I knew it. She certainly comes from Daowadung, Mae Glin. I dreamt of a deity. He asked me to take care of his descendant.”

“You transform to be a human as real” She said while touching Poodtaan’s arm. Poodtaan saw Nang Gui’s eyed were sparkling. She began to be worried that she or Yai Gui who was crazy.

Daowadung = the name of the 2nd heaven where Indra (a deity) dwells. Indra’s body was green.
Yai Gui thought that Poodtaan came from the 2nd heaven because the word “Kosin”. Kosin is another name of Indra.


“Wait Yai. It’s just a dream. How can we believe it?” Mae Glin asked.

“Yes, we can. I have anything to tell you.” Nang said and got up, walked into a small room and came back with a tray in her hand.

“Last night her relative gave it to me in my dream. He was a deity."

Nang Gui told her niece and hold up a ruby its size as big as a the little finger joint.

Poodtaan was stunned “Deity?” The one who became deity’s relative exclaimed loud. But then she had to be quiet at once She thought at least Yai Gui’s belief gave her a welcome.

“It’s just one poor gemstone.” Mae Glin said shaking her head.

“Look at it, no one in Pranakhon can do it.” Nang Gui said.

Mae Glin picked up it to see and she agreed with Yai Gui but she couldn’t stand feeling moody.

“But this kind of gem is common. It just doesn’t cut like this and the price is not expensive.”

“Ouch! The object in the human world and the heaven cannot be compared. Well, the food is coming, have it Mae Poodtaan.” Nang Gui said.

Poodtaan listened to both of them talking and she didn’t like Mae Glin more.

Nang Gui put the ruby back on the tray while looking Poodtaan with expectation. ft this girl didn’t eat she might have ambrosia.

Poodtaan sighed seeing the dark color rice and grilled fish that Nang Ung brought to her. It was so small amount like she would give it to the spirit more than give it to human.

Poodtaan thought of Wipawee about the appointment. She would wait in vain because she was here where wouldn’t have any facilities. Poodtaan sighed again. It was miserable even a novel or a cross - dimension drama she opened through. She had no interest about it because she thought it was nonsense. Including history, it was never in her head. She thought it had nothing to do with her. She had found a big job now. Anyway she had to eat first.

Poodtaan looked for Chon som (spoon and fork).
Chon som?” She asked.

“What? Ah E Aon, go to get a porcelain spoon for Mae Poodtaan.”

When Nang Aon crawled to hand her the spoon she realized they might not use Chon som here.

Chon Som
Chon = ช้อน = Spoon
Som = ส้อม = Fork
These words can make us confused because sometimes Thai people call Som as Chon Som also but it means only the fork.
Chon Som = Spoon + Fork

Chon Som = Fork


Red color rice that was sticky, soft, sweet and delicious got along with the salty grilled fish. Poodtaan got stuck when seeing every eye intentionally looking at her eating. It looked like they were observing or trying to find fault.

Nang Ung was relieved and smiled to Nang Aon who sitting beside. This girl suddenly appeared in the middle of the garden when the sun light went out. No one knew how she came here despite everyone staring at the same point. No one knew where she walked from. Both of them (Nang Ung and Nang Aon) had touched her body while carrying her. They were still afraid if Pootaan was a ghost. They would be in trouble because they touched her while carrying. Nang Aim knew nothing because she went out to look over servants picking crops since dawn.

After getting stuck for a moment Poodtann continued to eat until almost all. Due to not having curry soup so she felt unsmooth in her throat. She had to pour water from a clay pottery. After drinking she felt refreshing because the water tasted good and cool.

“Hurry up and tell us what are you going to do?” Mae Glin was frustrated with the newcomer being too calm so she asked unhappily.

Not remembering how many times Poodtaan had to suppress not to retort her. If she did nothing, this girl would become conceited. If she felt her once or twice she would stop acting like a mad dog. Poodtaan was going to do it but there was someone doing instead.

Eh! Nang Nii (Mae Glin) I have told you her relative asked me to take care of her. He told me he would help me to have property for life.”

“Yai, if you don’t work where the property would come from and how much we would get from selling the ruby.” Mae Glin disagreed.

Yai Gui glanced sideways to her.

It was the first time that Poodtaan agreed with Mae Glin. No matter what it was, money, gold, belongings if we didn’t work how it could float from the sky.

“He might make our land rich and fruitful. Do not show disrespect to him or I will take the spittoon slap your mouth.” Nang Gui scolded her niece but her niece didn’t show that she got hurt like what she heard was common for her. Nang Gui said that before turning to wait for Poodtaan’s answer.
“Now I’m not certain how I came here. May I stay with you for some time? Poodtaan asked.

Poodtaan didn’t understand all what they talked but she knew she needed some time to learn where she was now and it was in which period of the Thai history. She needed to learn how to behave in order to help herself safe in the future. Her brain began to work now after having food.

“Why not? You can stay here as far as you like in this house. If you would like a new one, tell me where you like it located, I will have it built a bamboo house with thatched roof.

Nang Gui answered generously. When she promised to the deity she had to keep her words and helped Poodtaan as much as she could. To treat one more person wasn’t beyond her ability. Anyway to take care of Poodtaan above all else was impossible as well.

“Thank you so much. I would like to stay in another house” Poodtaan said.

“I’d better go to see servants move things at the pier. I’m going to explode staying here. Mae Glin muttered and got up.

“Mae Glin, tell servants to take vegetables to Praya Wisootsakorn’s house. Today I heard from Muen Rit that his 2 sisters will return home. I think they would stay for days.”

Nang Gui didn’t mind her niece because she indulged her since she was young and she took this chance to order her.

Mae Glin’s face changed from frowning to smiling showing her teeth. She accepted and hurried to go down.

Nang Gui knew her niece liked Praya Wisootsakorn’s son. He was handsome not different from his father at his young age. It was good that even she liked him but she never did anything that brought her shame. So Nang Gui trusted her and didn’t think to hinder her. At the same time she thought if her niece had a fortune, she might become a member of her master’s family who owned the land that she rent for workplace. She might be not Mia Luang but a Praya’s daughter in law.

Mia Luang = a woman that parents go to ask for. To have a wedding ceremony properly and she get the highest honor in the house

Poodtaan thought what she should do now. She thought back about Pra Rueang’s blessing. She was rather certain that he knew about this. Thinking of him made her very calm and he might be trying to help her there. Her life passed a big changing when she was young. This time was another change that she needed to accept.

“Be conscious, I have to be conscious.” She gave herself moral support. She thought that if she would like to be familiar with the new place she should go out to broaden her view because just asking could not help much. For now she was worried about the time difference over 300 years. Life being, language and culture would be different from where she came from. How could she live?


“Thank you (Khun Yai Gui) very much. It is very kind of you to help me (Noo).” Poodtann thanked Nang Gui.

“You speak very strange. If you wouldn’t like people to say about this, try to speak like we do.” Nang Gui said.

“Uh I (Noo) will try.” Poodtaan accepted.

“When you talk with adults, to end with Jao Ka (เจ้าค่ะ) Jao Ka (เจ้าคะ) will be more beautiful and call yourself “Ka (ข้า)” will be more appropriate.

*******From now Pootaan called herself “ka” and used “Jao Ka”. Yai Gui called Poodtaan “Aor Jao”.

Nang Gui taught Poodtaan and when seeing her bright round eyes staring obediently and intentionally she felt kind to her. Her manners didn't look like general elite women but her appearance and her skin was more beautiful than those. Nang Gui could not help touching her arm. He skin was smooth, soft and warm.

“In the heaven would you have gold and gem palace, wouldn’t you? Why do you come here? Does the adult angel curse you down? Do you have your parents? Were you adult since you were born?

“Khun Yai Jao Ka, I’m a human not angel. I just got lost. Oh! the Knoi book. It must be that book pulling me here. She reminded.

“The khoi book! Is it the stuff that Muen Rit dig up? Nang Gui asked.

“Yes, it is. Is Muen Rueang his name? Poodtaan asked.

“Muen is a rank, his name is Rit and his title conferred by Khun Luang is Maharit. It was a position of royal page” Nang Gui answered.

Poodtaan listened but what she could do only to blink her eyes. She didn’t understand much. Her knowledge about the title of nobleman, she gave back to her teacher at the high school already.

“If I would like to meet him, what should I do Jao Ka Khun Yai?

Yai Gui made her face strange with Poodtaan’s word calling her but she started to get over it. Though Poodtaan mixed words together she had tried. At least she would be smart to learn more.

“Taan (Muen Maharit) was Praya Wisootsakorn’s son. His house is over there not far from the garden where you appeared. This garden belongs to Praya Wisootsakorn also. I’m a Phrai being up to him (Phrai = a person who belongs to a prince or nobleman) according to my parents. I still rent this land because I’m a caretaker. I have no husband to protect me.” Yai Gui told her.

“Speaking honestly Na Jao Ka, I don’t know much about the administration. What do I do to make myself look like people here? Poodtaan said seriously.

“You have to register as a Phrai. Women are not so strong like men. Generally it is just to register only. Women do not have to be enlisted to work like men.
“Why do I have to register Jao ka? Can I be independent?

“Yes, you can because you are a woman. Royal people do not want woman workers. But if you are Phrai of him, when you encounter any problem he could help you. I’m a Phrai of Praya Wisootsakorn. If you are with me I have to take you to register also. And we will help each other to do the garden.

“Does a Phrai have to work for him? And does he give us salary?

“If they are men they have to work for the public/royal/noble work. If not they have to give them “suay (ส่วย)” instead. For women they never ask for Suay. When my husband was alive he rent this land from his father (Praya Hora Thibodi) so he (Praya Wisootsakorn) is kind to us. We pay him the rent annually. We grow vegetables and fruits. We usually give him some. Some years our garden was not productive and we didn’t give him anything but he never blamed on us. Both of them (Praya Hora Thibodi and Praya Wisootsakorn are very kind. They never extort Prai or trouble them.”

Yai Gui explained such a long story because she believed that the girl in front of her was not accustomed to human being world.

Sauy = Suay was a kind of imcome of the land. It might be items, currency or anything that were used instead of entering to work for the government/royal/noble service.

When male citezens who didn't want to be enlisted to work for public/royal/noble, they had to submit other things instead like Faang, grass for Royal Elephants, money etc.
Faang = a name of a small tree with thorns, yellow flowers, read wood used to dye cloth and make a medicine.


“Well, I get it. Let me summarize. Khun Yai is Praya Wisootsakorn’s a Phrai. Khun Yai is a widow. And what about Khun Glin?”

“Just call her Mae Glin.” To me you should call me Yai. It shouldn’t have “Khun (ขุน) in front. It is inappropriate. I used to marry but my husband had died for a long time and we had no children. Mae Glin is my distant relative. Her parents died of smallpox so I looked after her since then”

Poodtaan’s Khun = คุณ = Ms., Mr., Mrs

Yai Gui’s Khun = ขุน = Word used to precede the name of the person who is of King's descent, in order to admire or respect him.
The pronunciation of these 2 words may be similar because of the accent.
Spelling of these words in English are the same but in Thai they have different letter, tone and meaning.


“Ouch! What you say is difficult (ยากชะมัด -Yaak cha mut) for me but understandable.” Poodtaan said.

Nang Gui tried to ignore Poodtaan’s words and made her voice tete –a – tete whisper.

“What can you do? Can you make stone become gold?

“Hm I’m not a magician Na Jao Ka, Khun Yai but I can grow vegetables, trees and decorate the garden. I studied it.”

“Did you?” Yai Gui was surprised.

“Jao Ka. Many women here don’t study, do they?”

“I can read and write. My father and my husband used to do royal work so they taught me. Mae Glin cannot but she can calculate when trading.” Nang Gui answered.

“Are you literate?” Nang Gui asked Poodtaan.

“Yes, I am but I don’t think I could read and write well here.” Poodtaan said.

“There would be some difference between the language in the heaven and the one here so when you speak it sounds strange.”

“It would be like that.” Poodtaan was discouraged to explain when Yai Gui still was convinced that she came from the heaven. Poodtaan didn’t know why Yai Gui was confident that she had promised with a deity to take care of her. Anyway it was useful for her.

“Now you have to change your clothes. I will tell Nang Ung to help you dress up. Then we are going to the market to buy things.” Yai Gui said and got up to look down at some servants moving things below and assigned them work with loud and powerful voice.

Poodtaan was surprised looking at her who was an old woman but energetic and smart. Because of 300 years different time Poodtaan thought women in this era would be weak and were under the mandate of men. Though Yai Gui had thoughts and beliefs that were hard to understand she wasn’t different from adult women who had self –confident at Poodtaan's time. She was able to live on her own without having a new husband.
Nang Ung helped Poodtaan dress up. The clothes that she brought belonged to Mae Glin. Yai Gui looked at Poodtaan coming out of the bamboo weaving partition with worrying. Poodtaan ‘s muddy clothes were near the bed. Yai Gui told Nang Aon to bring them to wash.

When this girl dressed up in Pa nung, it was harmonious with people in Pranaknon (Ayutthaya) now. She had no decorations except for her gold necklace but she looked good.

“I have to buy new cloth for Mae Glin too or she certainly complains. Yai Gui told Pootaan and said “Be patient using Mae Glin’s old clothes. The fabric is expensive. I’m not so rich.” Yai Gui said.

Nang Aon picked up Poodtaan’s bra that was placed since she passed out, and looked with interest before looking at the underpants. Nang Ung was interested in also. Poodtaan hurried to grab underwear and simpered when she saw those surprised eyes of Yai Gui, Nang Aon and Nang Ung.

What are they? Why are they so small to close just the top and the bottom? I would have asked you after you recovered but I forgot.” Yai Gui asked.
“They are underwear, doesn’t it have here, does it?

Poodtaan moved awkwardly, now she was wearing only Sabai and Pa nung. For a moment she had to walk in the market. Life would be very colorful if Pa nung or Sabai fell off in the middle of the market. It was good that Nang Ung used a banana rope to tie Pa nung tightly. She tried to pull the rim of Sabai and tucked it with unfamiliarity.

“Your name and your clothes are not similar to anyone. E Aon, take the clothes to wash at the pier. Nang Ung, come with us.”

“I will wash these 2 pieces by myself. P’Aon doesn’t have to do.” Poodtaan said.

Nang Aon gaped when she heard Poodtaan call her P’. She turned to look at Yai Gui with worrying. This woman was so beautiful and she saw Yai Gui spoke to her with highly praised. Yai Gui might look after her as another niece like Mae Glin. That meant she might become her lady boss too. So Nang Aon crouched with respect.

“Please let me do it Therd Jao Ka.” Nang Aon said.

“You just do it only the shirt and the pants. That’s enough” Poodtaan said and felt uncomfortable.

For the underwear if she really had to live here she had to find way to make it but her sewing skills were not good. Most of the torn clothes would become a rag rather than be repaired. She might ask people here to sew it for her but if she hired other people to do, she needed to have money but now she had not even a baht. If she asked for it from Yai Gui she was afraid of offending her. So she had to do something to raise money to spend and pay back for the things that Yai Gui had given.

Going out to see the outside world should give her to find the way out and she still had to chase that khoi book. Because she was here by touching it, the way back certainly would have to be related to it.

A male servant paddled and Mae Ung steered. The weather was rather hot in the afternoon. But it was not too hot because there were trees along the way. After passing the mouth of Klong Glaeb, Yai Gui peeped her with sympathy.

“It is sunny. Use this cloth to cover your head. Your skin looks delicate.

“Khop khoon Ka (Thank you)”

“Khop khoon? Is it Khop Jai?

“ Isn’t there Khop khoon here? Ok Khop Jai, Khop Jai.

Poodtaan was embarrassed. Everything looked different and tiring.

“What is the name of the Klong we have passed? Where are we going?”

“Klong Glaab and we are going to the area of Wat Bang Khun Prom and Toon Mak to find Sabai for Mae Glin and 2 Sueer Chiek Oak for you. You couldn’t put on Mae Glin’s because it will be loose.” She said while glancing at Poodtaan’s breasts that were much different from Mae Glin’s.

Sueer Chiek Oak = bra used in Ayutthaya era
Sueer = เสื้อ = blouse, shirt,.....etc
Chiek = ฉีก = open in front, tear

Oak = อก = breasts

“My mother might not give me much (not give her big breasts) but I have them suitably (not too small). I can put on Mae Glin’s blouse.

Poodtaan hurriedly told Yai Gui to prevent her from disparaging the genuine things that her mother gave (her breasts). She determined in her mind that the bra that would be made, need to have some space for putting kapok inside to make it bigger. Oak Hak Rueng Lek Oak Lek Rueng Yai

Oak Hak Rueng Lek Oak Lek Si Rueng Yai is a slang used for making a joke about small and big breasts.

It means “Heartbroken a small matter, small breasts a big deal”
Oak Hak = Heartbroken
Oak =breasts, chest
Hak = break
Rueng Lek = small matter
Rueng = matter
Lek = small
Oak Lek = small breasts
Rueng Yai = a big deal
Yai = big

The words that Nang Gui heard leaving a wonder in Yai Gui 's eyes but Poodtaan didn't care about it. Her eyes looked on the both sides of the river to compare with her world. There were so many houses on the sides. Most were made from bamboo. Some houses were houseboat. It was not like Ayutthaya province in her era that some parts were full of grass. Some parts were crowded with waterfront cement house. Poodtaan saw some charred houses long line and turned to ask Yai Gui with big eyes.

“Did those houses catch fire?”
“Yes, it often happens. When it happens it goes along the entire strip because the house was made of bamboo. It is easily ignited.” Yai Gui said.
“They are located on the waterfront. Why couldn't they put the fire out?” Poodtaan asked.

“Some they could but if they could not, there are bamboo merchants coming from Ampawa. Bamboo is easy to find and so cheap that it is just like you get it free and to build a house takes a short time.” Yai Gui answered while chewing betel nut in a good mood.

“Yai Gui Jao Ka, please remember how much you have spent for me. I will earn money to give you back every baht every stang.

“Sa..what is stang?

“Well, it is the money Jao ka. Don't you call small change "stang"?

“No, we don’t. We have only chang, tamlueng, baht, salueng, fueang, phai, glam, glom, bia.”

Glam, Glom what? Poodtaan listened and felt breathless but she told Yai Gui that “I will give your money back every baht every bia then.”

“It doesn’t matter. Although I'm not rich it's only a few fueangs, I don't mind. You lost from home to live in a place that you don't know. How can I be cruel?”

“But it is not good, so please think of it as a loan first. But I whether would be able to make money or not and when I could give it back to you...I still don't know.

She said shyly making Nang Gui laugh until Nam Mak nearly spread Out. (Nam Mak = saliva mixed with betel)

“Alright, alright I will arrange it for you.”

Yai Gui thought this girl was not too bad. It was appropriate that the one who brought her here was a deity. At least she didn’t think to take things from other people without giving them back.

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