[CH3] Lai Kinnaree (Act Art): Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya


sarNie Hatchling
What the fuc%#@ng heck is up with Ch3 STILL holding the flag up so high for NY??!!!! Leh Lub Salub, TCP, Nakee2 all failed!!!
Such imbecile people!!! :mad::BangHead:
I think you should wake up to the reality that the golden couple of Thailand is Nadech and Yaya, it’s not Mark and Yaya...you must not be from Thailand if you don’t know that, . Most people knows that this so called MY chemistry inspite of good acting is largely because of the story, and the characters they played, if Nadech played in KC he would have won many awards for that role, just like in GRGR and The chemistry would be far superior. How many awards did Mark win again for KC? Exactly...for pairings, I don’t know how many awards MY got as couple. But NY had won numerous awards as a couple throughout the years. :)Fans can only reques. If it’s not granted then maybe no one is interested to make it, It could be the producers or the actors/actress themselves. Of course Fans can go around cursing like you becsuse you want to force them to pair Yaya and Mark. You don’t like to see Nadech and Yaya together because you’re jealous. Then you become so desperate you take it on Nadech.. Don’t deny it I saw what you said about Nadech in the other site, If you are really fair yaya is the one involved in the MY pair not Nadech. She would be the one to have a say if she’s offered anything, So don’t involve Nadech. Nadech is more famous and richer than Mark in thailand, Nadech doesn’t need anyone to help his career, He is making more than other actors in modeling as presenter and acting, etc, including Mark. , LoL. Until Mark makes more than Nadech in awards, money and fame you really should stop accusing him of desperation haha, Because if you call Nadech desperate being one of the highest paid in thailand and the most awarded actor in the history of Thailand, that would make Mark far below the level of desperation Im not even sure what it’s called,,::risas3:Also, Nadech and Yaya , just in case you don’t know or out of touch with reality, they’re together in real life. So yes they might naturally prefer to work with each other. Ask yaya to pick between Nadech and Mark and see who’ll she choose? Prepare to be disappointed.:risas3:

Nakee 2 was successful and has the highest grossing first day opening ever in Thailand. . When yaya goes to events how many MY signs do you see? :risas3: They almost all yaya and NY..when yaya went to the Philippines she even noticed many NY signs. if there are any then she either blatantly ignored the MY signs...or there are really aren’t any present...lol
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