[CH7] Petch Roy Ruk (Dida Video): BigM Krittarit/Green Ausadaporn


sarNie Egg
Aww it ended. There were a lot of flaws but very entertaining. Really likes all their sweet scenes together.

I really dont like Bee, she was like the most annoying side character this year. She doesn't simply talk it she gotta yelled in every single dang scenes!! Like not in screeching but just talking really loud. My gosh I can't stand it when she plays rai.
i felt your pain I FELT it hard lol....


sarNie OldFart
i felt your pain I FELT it hard lol....
I cried everytime she opens her mouth. This is not a dramatic tragic lakorn at all but she is a tragedy in the nangrai world. Lord knows how she is consistently casts as nangrai in lakorns. I rather take the most horrible acting nangek over a horrible acting nangrai.


sarNie Oldmaid
This lakorn is such a mess. There was hardly any chemistry between the leads and too many rai characters. It give this 5/10

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I really liked this lakorn, it was chill but it had enough plot to keep me amused.

Surprisingly BigM and Green have good chemistry and they were cute together. I liked the steady development of their romance and their characters. Lily is such a sweet n'ek, she's just so naturally good and pure but with enough backbone to bite back at whoever wants to wrong her. Her obedience to the p'ek is so cute. Win was kind of a douche in the beginning but his character slowly improves. I love how protective he is of the n'ek. I appreciate the fact that the leads spend so much time together in the second half of the lakorn and there is no major drama that comes between them and whatever drama comes up is mended within the next episode. The first half of the lakorn was unnecessarily about the supporting cast and they had way more screen time than the actual leads. It can't get much better than the n'ek living with the p'ek. The n'ek and p'ek are so chill to one another, they obviously like each other but they don't acknowledge it and n'ek doesn't even mind all that much that the p'ek is super touchy with her or even steals a kiss when she is "sleeping". BigM is always dressed so casual and well poor in most of his lakorns that it is nice to see him dressed up. He looks pretty nice here.

Nong Inter is soooo cute OMG and she's so clever. For a kid so young she can remember such complex lines and act so naturally while saying them. Her character is brat but you can't help but want to pinch her cheeks. Win is like the chillest dad ever, he never reprimands Kwan and just lets her do and say what she wants. He's lucky that she's a smart kid and realizes some of her mistakes. I do like that he treats both the n'rai like crap. He doesn't give that much of a crap about them and isn't above ditching them haha, plus if he's really pissed he'll yell. Noodee is seriously a psychotic character and it's hard to believe such a person exists who is always in everyone's face being nosy and having no filter. Win and Wit's drama ended rather too smoothly, she really went without a fight and it's horrible that she'll stick with her creepy sex addict husband and didn't have too much of a problem with it.

Dida needs to work on their editing. All the scenes have no transition and it just jumps from scene to scene. DaraVDO has better editing. Also, way to not solve any of the problems with n'ek and her mom or at least address it and what about Suksamai's random decision to stay in jail for a very stupid reason. But I found this to be minor, overall the lakorn was very entertaining and I enjoyed it.
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