Kimberley Ann Voltemas


Kim_Kimberley FAN
I do not know why but i want to see kim with bob hairstyle, she will rock it possibly! but so far we rarely seems Nang'ek have a short haired in lakorn (drama). Perhaps she can hairdo's like ponytail



kissing depend on the script, director, and the actor especially on thai lakorn and even more reduced in ch3

and they wasted this kiss in the original broadcast but smart enough to put it on re-run :lol:
@Sunshine_ CH3 doesn't allow much kissing scenes, torrid ones for example on their lakorns but now, they are more relax and allow "good" kisses (good means not so sexual) on their lakorns so it's not shocking if you only get 2-3 kisses for a Ch3 lakorn on the whole duration :lol:

but some genres that needs kisses like this lakorn with Ananda, Kim did her best without fake kisses. :cheer: