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    Miss Hmong International - Mee Her

    The hmong pageant is FAKE - but then again so are all the other pageant including american pageant. It is all about who you know to win the Title. All the girls are FAKE no doubt about it. They all have fake talents, fake voice, fake empathy etc.. they travel to thailand/laos putting on a...
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    Oh wow, the other parents should protest. the only time the FHNY will do something if all the niam txiv protest and say something. That's when the FHNY will have to stripped the winner of her crown if this is all true to say. Anyways, she isn't pretty-she has too much makeup on. Goodness...
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    Here is some Gossip to gossip about, but wait this isn't gossip, it is real. Picture & Proof. the Miss Hmong Int'l is not a goodie 2shoe that she said she is. LOL. her showing herself party-hardy probably without her parents knowing. I found the pics online so thought I share.
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    Should we change the requirements for the Hmong beauty pageant?

    1. Get PROFESSIONAL judges ie: educated ones, hmong cultural knowledge one, one who knows how to judge in a girl 2. Don't judge based on "fluency" of their hmong dilect. since the Miss america does not based it off of that too. The fluency shouldn't matter as long they know and speak hmong is...
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    Hmong Beauty Pagent Contestant Victim of Cyber Stalking

    Hli is the 'wannabe' celebrities and drama queen who thinks she has all the knowledge compare to most hmong girls out there. No offense but that's how she portrays her self on the NET. I don't know her, never met her just seen her on net. but judging her based on net stuff..she does not look...
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    WHO is the MOST beautiful "MISS HMONG" winner in Hmong history?

    Maiv Tzer is the prettiest of them all.... She has a really portion face, great fabulous smile the beauty w/in her seemed REAL and complete. She is the perfect size height (for hmoob community that is) she looks like she is indeed the real pageant girl-and a more contemporary modernize one too...
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    I KISSED MOS!!!!!

    uh-how come he doesn't look cute like in this pictures/movies? he looks very old and wrinkly on the face??? r u sure that is the real mos? it's like that lie one time about LOSO was in MN for concert but it was actually a Look-Alike LOSO the people who hosted the concert had lied to the whole...
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    Check out this Hmong Rocker Cyrus Yang

    strong loud voice. why don't those hmong folks who has strong voice ever tryout for American Idol audition? or maybe they did but didn't make it through?
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    Mos Patiparn

    OMG, I am so going. That's so cheap for VIP. wowzer, totally going to go. I hope its not sold out yet-and better not be a lie. but thursday in fresno? I probably have to skip work then. Darn it.
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    [MV] The Hottest TUB YAJ Ever!

    that's a good mv... in paris wow. when will he come to the USA his music does sound like Jay Chou...he's still hot. it's called aging-getting old. he's better looking then his brother.
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    Pakou Thao

    is there a way to contact her? anyone know her email/myspace/site etc..
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    [MV] The Hottest TUB YAJ Ever!

    the best song I like from him is his new latest one. "Neeg siab txaij
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    about tub yaj?

    it doesn't matter if he did a porn or not. He has a talented voice. Best songs great looks-great heart. The porn is probably for Money only. I don't blame him. Why not, if you have the total package.
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    A true miss hmong california?

    OMFG...that picture of maiv xyooj wide leg open? wowzer. so lame. Honestly they both look like MILF in these pictures. what a turned-off. These pictures reminds me of my old days. That style the studio those background-the make up. hahaha. It's old school for me. Been there Done that. Time to...
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    No, they don't deserve to be "sticky" on a thread. they are just random peoples we like to talk about. bashing or w/out bashing. Since there's never been a hmong couple to talk bs about.. whether it is true or not. it's interesting..hahaha If I were her, of course everything is a act to begin...