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    Aom Pratamaporn

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    Min Pechaya: The next rising actress for ch7

    I have to agree with HuabNag. Minnie is very pretty but she really need to improve her acting skill. After watching her in Pla Boo thong, I don't think I want to watch her lakorn any more. I don't think she ready for a nek role yet. But admire her beauty though.
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    New Moua Lee Movie trailer [Paj Nyiag Txoj Hmoo}

    Dib Thoj didn't really match these kind of role because we use to see her play alot as a bitchy role. But it nice seeing her play a nice and new role. She a very good acting. Also this title remains me of Nkauj Hli Txoj Hmoo. Can't wait to watch the movie.
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    So Aom actually in here too?
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    OMG!!! the trailer is so suck, whats us with the giant, is he the Pek or something. It so stupid how they don't show the pek in here, but instead they show other peoples (like those three birds want to be). Is Aom nek in this lakorn. anyways, so happy that Dear in here too, hope she come back to...
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    yea..Aom going to be back, miss her a lot. Miss some of the old face too because some of the new actor and actress don't know how to act.
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    OMG!!! I didnt know she was these kind of person. By doing this she will set up a bad role modle for her fan, especially for the younger kids. I always think she pretty and cute but now it all over. shame on her. About the kissing, she kiss some ugly guy, why not kiss some pek that she playing...
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    Yam VS Cartoon

    I will say yam.. When she around cartoon age she very cute and pretty. even though she older now still look pretty but not as pretty as her young age.
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    Tep Sung Warn (Debut Air: January 3, 2009)

    I agree...Ja Ting Ja character is so annoying too. Thai people's animation and all the graphic is still so weak, why just use a real person or real place to do it.
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    Tep Sung Warn (Debut Air: January 3, 2009)

    they should put yam or au play as nek in this lakorn, because they didnt play nek role for such a long time. I'm just tired of seeing same nek and pek play straight in the role.
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    Tep Sung Warn (Debut Air: January 3, 2009)

    mann..why these people got to put the same couple in lakorn over and over, at lease change the couple. i'm tired of watching same couple all the time. Includ why Nott (pek from sung tong) pek in this lakorn again, his acting is still so weak and he cant show emotion acting at all.
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    Hnub Lis

    did anybody know the age of Hnub Lis and her husband?
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    Tub Yaj really is 6'2"

    I don't think he will be 6'2. he look tall in the movie because the lady in thailand was short.
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    Sung Tong

    yet i'm lazy, just want to do it the easy way. anyway thanks for sharing the pix, they were all very pretty and the little boy is so cute.
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    Sung Tong

    what do you mean hotlink? i dont understand, please explain.