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    Trichada Malyaporn [Poy] + Aum Atichart

    i like poy very much. she's so beautiful that i cant believe she was a boy before. she should be born to be a girl.
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    Wedding Fair Catwalk

    they are a cutie couple
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    Chakrit Yamnam:New Life

    i love couple of chakirt and ann!
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    Poy TREECHADA - The Perfect Girl

    she is very pretty!~~~
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    Who are your favorite couples?

    ken&ann aum&aff those two r perfect but recently i feel like ann & chakrit....funny one
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    [MBC] My Lovely Sam Soon

    my name is kim sam sun is very good but it's the fairy tale dream tailors for late 20's women i dont believe the male lead will choose a woman like sam sun if his ex-girlfriend was not deadly sick.
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    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    this one is good! but i dont like the part since they came to shanghai...
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    Smile Pasta

    this one sucks idiot
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    [Mainland] Let's Watch the Meteor Shower

    Dont watch it. it is a joke of all netizens in china.we had a lot fun by posting their pix. all the apparels r cheap and ridiculous. the one of taiwan is the best