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    For ปริศนา (เทย่า ติ๊ก), how many discs are there and in what format?
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    Huajai Rak Kaam Pop [ TV3 Cholumpi ]

    It's pronounced "dtaai" with an English "th" sound, like in the Thai word for "dead (dtaai)" - but it's the "tai" in "gra-dtaai (rabbit)."
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    Joining Subs Tutorial

    You have to rename the file "VSFilter.dll" to "VSFilter.vdf" in order to see the option for textsub.
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    Joining Subs Tutorial

    did you compress the video? it's under "video" and then "compression." if you leave it at "uncompressed" or something like that, the video will save as a huge file.
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    Sarnie Posts & Project Updates

    wow, your subs are quite good. i agree with KEdoubleNY that the font was rather small and dark on that one video, but everyone learns. the english translation was great, though. i also have to agree that white is boring -- but maybe white on that purple instead of the black might have worked...
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    Help with translation of Dang Duang Haruthai

    wow, i give you props for attempting this project. historical/royalty lakorns are the most difficult to translate since there isn't an english equivalent to most of the words -- except maybe in british-english. as for "rachasap," it means "royal vocabulary or court language. " it's just a...
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    ekin cheng and nadie chan or whatever

    ekin recently made his relationship with yoyo mung public, and he has just finished filming his new series huo yuan jia. for this series, he shaved his head bald, and he will be working with jordan chan again. it's a mainland series. as for nnadia, she's been busy filming her own series. she...
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    Da Ren Wu ???

    good news everyone. this drama is finally going to be released at yesasia in july. the only problem is there won't be any english subtitles, but since it's through tai seng, i think there will be an english subtitled version not long afterward, so let's keep our fingers crossed.
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    Summer X Summer [new serie]

    i just watched the first episode. the main girl is a very strange person. otherwise, great subtitling work! thanx.
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    Reincarnated II

    that series brings back old memories. i liked part 2 better than part 1 though.
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    Smile Pasta

    ep 13 subs have already been released. ep 14 subs should be released soon if the certain problems are resolved. so far, eps 15-17 (end) subs are mostly done, waiting for qc. hopefully the problem is resolved soon so sublime will release ep 14 sub since it was supposed to be released yesterday...
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    [Ancient Series] Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passions

    **warning: spoilers** * * * * * * * * * yes. bosco got sharon and raymond got charmaine; sonija and derek died.
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    Star Apple Garden

    btw, were the english subtitles any good? i'm hesitant to order on ebay because a lot of the english subtitles aren't understandable so i don't want to waste my money.
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    Wonderful Life

    same here. it looked so painful. it looked like they were really doing it to her. what a great actress she is!
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    [Ancient Series] Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passions

    same here! but what i hate more is when the girl CAN fight, but she still needs to be helped anyway. how annoying! :angry: