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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    i love this lakorn.. I think it's quite enjoyable. I love all cast. They all know how to act and the story seems to be very attractive. The costumes and scenes are beautiful and charming..
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    Kaeng Kradon(Dida)

    WOW, what an odd couple...LOL
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    Sen Mai Gap Nai Hin

    bee is not attractive, i can't watching her not with cee..WHY?
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    IF Aum was to play michelle i will definitely skip this version... and Stefan & Vee...??? Pls NO! sorry, not a fan of either males, i think their actings not up to scrap to be playing this role.
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    Krueng Tep Ratree(Who & Who)

    Woo... rome looks good here!! this guy is too good lookin for janie, i wish they change the ne'k.
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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    I'm not really a fan of remake lakorns...but if they put benz in here as the ne'k i will definitely watch this version..especially if there a :r-scene-pop-corn:
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    Joy Siriluk On 'Ruk Auey" TalkShow

    i can't see the pics
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    TV Gold Award 2005

    joy is very pretty.... I love her movie.... I just wish she would play more movie w/pol... i know i hope they pair -up again one day.
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    Joy's cute doggies

    are these all her dogs?
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    List Lakorn Joy

    i love her lakorns with pol the best
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    P'Matt and Lydia

    The girl looks kind of weird but i agree they make a cute couple.
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    Hong Kong's girls admire Tik more than Rain

    rain? who's rain? TIK is the best , hes cute, manly... and a good actor so perfect.
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    Vee Jui Som Poh Pok Kade & Tangmoe New Drama

    vee looks really ugly there.
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    kwan usamanee

    thanks for the sites Vanida
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    Manee Din

    Haha, no way! what an odd couple...shes so pretty & Kong looks strange and gay with a that hairstyle.