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    Aom Phiyada

    aom looks young and gorgeous in this shoot. i like the color and long hair on her.
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    Ning K is now married!

    i though they got married already, but congrats to them both.
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    Ken Theradeth:Ken-Theeradej

    he's such an eye candy. HOT...HOT...HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
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    Utt Utsada

    wow! he looks hot in the pics.
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    Obtaining birth certificate

    she's a citizen. when she got her citizenship the immigration office never asked for the birth certificate. As for her company, it doesn't matter if you're a us born they still need birth certificate for their record.
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    Anne Thongprasom:Glittering Star

    she is absolutely stunning in the second pix. what a gorgeous actress.
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    Obtaining birth certificate

    She needed for her new job as a pharmacy technician, it's company policy. Do you know any places in Thailand where she can get the birth certificate?
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    Donut,Janie,Cherrys performance

    I want to see this, can you upload it please?
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    Obtaining birth certificate

    Hi, my cousin need to obtain a birth certificate from thailand. I was wondering if anyone know where she can obtain one. She was born in Kao I Dang camp so any help is appreciated.
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    Poo Praiya Suandokmai

    wow she is gorgeous. love the hair color and eyes.
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    United States Citizenship Test

    I passed the test!!! It was very easy, they asked me about the flag (what the stars and the stripes represent and colors), who's the governor, and what makes up congress. Oh they asked to write out a sentence also. The lady who interviewed me was very nice. I just listened to the disc (with...
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    United States Citizenship Test

    Hey I'm taking the test tomorrow, I'll tell you how it is. It shouldn't be hard, all my cousins took the test and past.
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    Sirita Jenson

    she is sooooo pretty, this girl doesn't ever take bad picture. The boran clothe looks really good on her.
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    Senior Artist Fantasia

    Yeah please i want to see it too, especially OIL.
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    i know, i've been waiting for that lakorn too. they have it dubbed in srok khmer voice but i prefer mayura. mayura skipped so many lakorn that i want to watch.