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    Emmi's Art

    Thank you so much. They are fantastic! I will definitely use them. thanks again, i know you must have been busy, but were still able to fulfill my request. Love them. Thanks again
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    Emmi's Art

    wow amazing. you got some talent there. Do you mind making be a sig and avatar set. I would like one with Kwan and Taew. I don't have any pictures nor color or design in mind, so please feel free to design it however you want. thanks
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    kwan usamanee

    wow very hard. Kwan is one of my favorite actress and both these lakorn are two of my favorite. Kwan did great in both lakorn. though i like the story line of KGRKGR better, i like the pairing of Kwan and Win.
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    PBV's Art!

    wow you got talent. these are amazing.
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    Taew Nattaporn:Beautiful Girl

    very beautiful and talented. One of my favorite actress.