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    [Ch3] Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series (Act Art)

    I know I'm very slow but I just watched EP9 of Tiger and man I need to vent. But I come to a conclusion. Hate the plot, love the couple lol   Anyway., EP 9 killed whatever reservation I have against Andrew, I've never watched him act, naturally I was wary of him. Now, I want his part to be...
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    [Ch3] Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series (Act Art)

    Yes, that picture really shows Tik and Mew age differences. I hope that doesn't affect their characters though.    I got glimpse on EP8 and man.. Parob deserve a slap or two (no I keep asking myself how can he do that to Wanvisa. He's the perfect example of guy who treats you hot and...
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    [Ch3] Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series (Act Art)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here  :dance1:   Oooh.. I'm glad.. So glad that I found out about Seur much later. The wait for new episodes will drive me crazy. I don't know how you guys can do it. On that note, Thanks for updating and sending lots of awesome gif, cuts, translation and vids. Your...
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    James Jirayu (HISO PARTY Vol.10 no.9 January 2015)

    Looking good James.The last picture looks weird, same goes to the doughnut images. did thay ps-ed them into the picture?   Thanks Alice for posting :)
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    Nadech Kugimiya (MEN'S HEALTH vol. 9 no. 101 February 2015)

    ^ true that LOL
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    Ploy Chermarn (GQ THAILAND Vol.1 no.6 January 2015)

    It's not the dress, it's the styling - intentionaly revealing her body  :pervie:
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    Launching skin care/ facial products soon. What would you like in a skin care?

    what is your skin type? sensitive, dry at some part and oily Do you have skin problem/issue? Sometimes, I get acne breakouts, Keratosis Pilaris because of my eczema (Now Alhamdulillah, my skin condition become better already) What skin care product do you used?  Now, I use virgin olive oil with...
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    How to conceive a girl

    Although this thread was opened long time ago but I just want to share my 2 cents here. it's no scientific but it's not hurt to try I guess. One of my neighbours have all boys in her family. So she always wanted a girl. I think during her pregnancy she bought a kid girlish dress and hang it on...
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    [Ch3] Neua Mek 2 (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    Thanks for the translation. I can't wait watch it now... I love Praepailin, she's cool-headed and practical. Plus she is a beauty and succesful career woman,,, and so brave... I mean she works in forensic unit. I hope they'll flesh out the character excellently. I can't wait to see how she...
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    Kim Kimberley (KWANRUEN vol. 44 no. 984 November 2012)

    it's good to see they playing up kim's eyes since i think that's her strong features. It so big and beautiful
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    Ann Thongprasom (F3 TV3 FAN CLUB'S MAGAZINE vol. 3 no. 36 November 2012)

    She is the red lips...and Gangnam fever all around.. she look like a ghost in the picture with the clock...seriously.
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    Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasri (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 714 November 2012)

    margie's legs are like sticks... hella thin
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    lol.. that will happen in almost every drama in the world. I only learn/ start watching lakorn last year but I can predict what will happen in the story. Now, instead of the plot I'm watching for the execution of the scene and actor/actress.
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    who do you considered an actress/actor a great role model?

    Anne, mature at times and funny. So humble and I don't think I need to elaborate about her acting. She's superb. Yaya, just read what people say about her, mostly positive. Plus, naturally manja? i don't know english word for that, pampered sound negative. All in all, she seems like someone fun...
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    30 Single on Sale

    If you found this movie with eng subs, do tell. I really want to watch it too after watching the trailer :)