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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Celebrities make money because people are supporting them and these people are the average people (middle and lower income class) and students. These are the people that are suffering now. What if these average people and students are all unfollow those celebrities will the sponsor still care...
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    ❤️[CH3] Duang Baeb Nee Mai Mee Ju (Master One): Alex Theeradeth / Mint Chalida

    I like this lakorn. Hopefully the rating goes up.
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    [TRUE4U] The Miracle (?): Pinky Savika / Petch Boranin / Nut Devahastin

    Funny, how Pinky showed up less than 1 second in the trailer but her picture is the biggest in the poster.
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    ❤️ [CH7] Pachara Montra (Kantana Group): Weir Sukkollawat/Bow Maylada

    Love Weir and Bow in here. Althought there is not much sweet scenes, their chemistry is amazing. Hopefully they will have another lakorn together soon.
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    ❤ [CH3] Pee Kaew Nang Hong (Maker J) : Grate Warintorn/Bella Ranee

    Great is so charming in this lakorn. I watched his past lakorn here and there, but somehow he is very handsome in here. I agree with everyone, the pace is very slow. Regarding the ghost's story, I THINK she was the girlfriend of the previous owner of Peekhul's pbee, but she has higher status so...
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    Num and new girlfriend

    Congratulation to them and I wish both the greatest happiness. It is time for Num to have a family. All his peers are family man already.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    Yes.. I like it that they didn’t use much of CG. It make the fights and bombing scenes more real. That is real actors there who didn’t use sub for dangerous scenes.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    Yes.. I have 2 days on the weekend to finish this. I’m sad it end but it might be good to end now if goes nowhere like @phatman mentioned.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    Wow.. that is fast. I haven’t watch last week episode yet. Need to watch it all this weekend before school starts
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    Me too.. I cried with Angkor; I feel her pain.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    That That scenes in eps. 5 when Kroitee die was the highlight in both versions.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    I didn’t know you come here for the shirtless scene.. jk. I’m sure it will come out soon. They save the best for last.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    I like that they add more scenes to their relationship development, but like you said it is quite fast that i feel the chemistry is missing in certain point. Or maybe it is just me that feel that way.
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    [Ch3] Angkor (Arlong Junior)

    You are not, I’m reading, but just didn’t post. I like it that this version they add more pra’nangs scenes and relationships development. Both versions, I still like her bodyguard, Kroitee more hehe. He’s such loyal to her.