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  • hi i saw your post in Tae Pang Korn, and you said you will upload the series. Please let me know when I cant wait to see it.
    no not really. I used to like him back in the day.
    Now I'm like addicted to this song. I been listening it on replay for like 3 days now. I know I'm pretty crazy when I find a song I like.
    omg girl.... ur sig sings... @ first i was like umm i dont listen to this song, how's it appearing righty?? then i checked and lol it's ur sig.. cool beans :)
    argh! Nong Kristy..where are you..yuu nai ah...koj nyob qhov twg os..adonde esta...LOL..tat wuz where are u in english, thai, hmong and spanish...geez..Kashie gots skills...LOL..but seriously...where are u..we need help in the MTR thread...
    Kristy where are u? hmm..i usuallie see u around wenever i'm on..hurrie we gotta beat Kol Ruk Game in the MTR thread! we're on page 76 alreadie...we're at a good pace!! eheheeh
    They call me Prissy or Pris! Dont matter wich one. U can call me Veasna or Sna too.
    Man... where are the other people? I feel like I'm the only one here. What's up with that? Anyways.. let me tell you on behalf of oh so many people since their not nice enough to give you props. THANK YOU for the song from Ram Pissawad!
    Great minds watch similar things. 555
    Thanks for the heads up on Noon.
    I think I overdosed on my lakorn already.
    Thank you... I will have to consult you later for what lakorns to watch in the future. 555
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