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  • thanks 4 the add... ^_^
    i'm gonna check out ur fic too.
    so many things to catch up on lol
    glad 2b friends.
    no problem.. i love to help out sarnies ^_^..
    hehe.. n wats funny is that my sister's name is nalee too XD.. anyways.. nice meetin u n have fun here at SW ^_^
    btw, i lovee your new fanfic. just started seeing the posters && few sentences but im loving it already. haha.
    lovee your avatar && sig, too :)
    Hi there,
    Yes, I am the one who made the teaser "my sweet revengeful wife" @ youtube. Now you found my story you can read it...hehe...enjoy.
    I can't wait to read your story.
    oh thanks for checking out my fanfics :)
    oh, your a fanfic writer, too.
    it's amazing we have similarities. Hehe ^^
    i hope to read your fanfic soon, too.
    when are you posting it?
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