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    Robot Yodruk (CH7---Workpoint)

    Lists of the song they sang... 1. Four Mod- La Laai 2. Nice 2 Meet U - Mee Form 3. Payu - One Kiss
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    Yah!! It's Finally Here! The Age of the REAL Kiss has arrived

    is it french kiss? if just touching lips. nothing to be exciting. i prefer the old way. lets u imagine.
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    Hmong Girls on Tyra Banks Show

    shes dumb/naive...
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    anyone going to joys concert in chicago this weekend?
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    My cousin Lily Vang or Mai Lee Vang

    i believe she preform at the Hmong Lansing New Year too, she cute and very talent for her age. I wish the best the for her...I'm sorry to hear her parents are separating but don't let that hold her back...
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    Boy Palinya

    On DKJ, Boy's death is unknown so his father wants an autopsy to check the cause of his death. The result is expected tomorrow. Also, they said he's 34....
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    Roy Ruk Roy Baht

    Confirm by Aof on Kan Paak 1/13/08.
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    Boy Palinya

    While driving in the Samut Prakan province, Boy Palinya had a heart attack. He lost control of the car and hit a taxi and rails. The accident is not the cause of his death, Boy was in a coma and his heart stop beating. Boy only 35 years old and used to be a famous pre'ek for Ch.7 Boran lakorn...
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    duplicate file

    I'm added Grong Petch in the lakorn section but didn't realize some already made the page for it under Krong there anyway to delete my page?
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    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    im going to assume her talent is making the dress she wore....paj ntaub
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    your first thai forum

    STAR2DRAMA was mine very first one then ETASIA, it was the best for all your news
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    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    so u have to be 21 for the chicago concert??? that sucks!!!! i was planning to go w my little sisters....
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    question about converting WMV

    you can convert it online using this sites
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    SaiLoHit & Yatika

    you wont get to see the others until dodo and tik's daughters (kwang and Mua?)grow up...bee and ning will appear like at the very end, maybe the last two episode.
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    Request ENGLISH Subtitles - Sadtroo Koo Kwan

    we have the subs for the opening credits and ending credits......enjoy!