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    Who else is tired of the same pairings?

    There are so many couples who they should pair up again. I liked Weir and Jakajun (no more weir and pancake please!). I also like Mai Davika and Aof. I think she's a good actress who should be paired up with more p'eks. I also like Om and sammie. Not to mention that the actors and actresses...
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    Lakorns with a horrible ending/left you haning

    Where to start? With some lakorns where the p'ek dies, it's understandable. But when they don't get with each other or it lacks an ending period just sucks for me. N'ek lung banh (ch7) - P'ek ends up marrying someone else EVEN though he loves N'ek, he just couldn't marry her due to social...
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    [CH5] Mia Mai Chai Mia (EXACT)

    So far not loving the new version. How is it going to work with n'ek and the other girl in each other's body.
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    [Ch7] Ngao Gammathep (Kantana)

    when is this lakorn going to air already? can i at least get a teaser.
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    Jao Sao Rim Tang (Kantana)

    OMG...I love and hate this lakorn. I love the scenes where Stefan be teasing and coming onto Poo. So cute, but then I hate the fact that he doesn't listen to her and listens to his mother. He nearly married Bee if not for his grandpa coming to the rescue. Gosh is he STUPID. I hate how p'ek is...
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    Jao Sao Rim Tang (Kantana)

    Most lakorns where the n'ek are weak and the p'ek are asses follow the same formula. Some n'ek's are soooo STUPID that you can't stand it and vice versa. The thing that bothers me most about this lakorn is the fact that Stefan is back to sleeping with the bad girl. Didn't he want to avoid her...
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    Mah Ju Ra Ting Tong

    I am looking for two old lakorns. One of them is called Mah Ju Ra Ting Tong starring Rung and Tik Kanyarat. This was a comedy that had all the big stars guest star in it like Kob and Bee Swiss. P'ek is a twin and by some mistake the reaper came and took the wrong spirit, played by Anan Boonak...
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    Rak Song Pop

    If I remember correctly Bee is renting a house which happens to be a house that Tik is haunting. She's basically waiting for Bee because they share a past together. Bee was dating Aump but it was a lot of going back and forth. I couldn't really get into it. In the end Bee dies and he gets with Tik.
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    Mia Lai Wan

    For some reason I think the title may be Mia Lai Wan. Maybe. The p'ek is Michael Pupart, Oliver's brother. I don't recall if it was her sister or if it was her cousin, but they looked exactly a like. The one that p'ek married is shy and quiet. N'ek thinks that her cousin/sis is dead so she...
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    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    So far it's really good. The actors are pretty impressive for first timers. I like the n'ek. Her and p'ek suit each other.
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    Koo Tor Ra Nong

    Thank you Ana that's the lakorn. Anybody know where I can find it or watch it online?
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    These words of LOVE

    Lana prided herself on being a professional. She always arrived early and stayed late. She did what was asked of her and beyond that of her duties. But that morning, everything went wrong. Her sleep wasn't much better, but she was a bit more rested when the alarm went off an hour later than she...
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    These words of LOVE

    Chapter 3 His car pulled up outside of her house. The lights were off. Her mother had yet to get home. "Who do you live with?" he asked. "My mother," she answered hesitantly. "She's not concerned with you coming home late?" "She's a cook at one of the restaurants that open late," she...
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    These words of LOVE

    Payut remain seated on the edge of the bed. He ran his fingers through his hair, disheveling it. Without looking at Lana he said, "I don't get you. One minute your giving me your looks of contempt and the next your crying." Lana sat her, clutching the front of her shirt. He turned to look at...
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    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    Can someone translate the summary please.