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    Tub Yaj doesn't look like the Tub Yaj you seen in movies anymore. Right now he is very dark and if you go to Laos and see him over there, you wouldn't wanna camp out over here to see him at the concert!
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    Yeng Tha Her

    Not just two but he is in position to get 3rd one, so soon you all will know it cause he said two are not enough for him...!
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    Anyone traveled to Thailand recently?

    Yes....ticket prices going to Thailand and Laos are up and down by the seasons only. February - May........CHEAP June - August.........EXPENSIVE September - November...CHEAP December - January.....EXPENSIVE
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    Tsawb Yaj???

    Tsawb dumped her like a year or so already. As I know, he used her like a bridge to cross over to the US only. After a year in the US and had a kid with her then he started to be bad to her and dumped shortly after that. Anyways, feel sorry for that poor lady....!
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    Prosecutors To Drop All Charges In Laos Case

    Thank God...we don't have to go rally anymore. But too bad...our father General Vang Pao's gone!
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    Most likely it will be held at the Fresno Convention Center. Both Fresno Fairground and Convention Center were offered for our father General Vang pao's body to be held at but over the weekend they were still deciding and said the confirmation will be coming today.
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    Can someone teach me how to become a better Nyab Hmong?'re a very good NYAB already. If you were my wife and my parents NYAB, we would keep you in a very safe place just like a POV HAUM for us...!
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    Hmong New Year 2010-2011

    I totally agree with you....hahahaha!
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    Hmong New Year 2010-2011

    Marysville/Yuba New Year's on November 6th and 7th!
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    Miss Hmong International - Mee Her

    Does Nkauj Mog Mim has a boyfriend? Anyone knows?
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    Where MXT and PZK standed is call "COMO PARK"....!
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    Paj Suab Lauj

    Her husband's age is around 45 to 50 years old. Not that old compare to those 60-65 married to those young girls 15-18 years of age!
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    Paj Suab Lauj

    Yes...she is married and works in a hotel in Vientiane that bought by her husband who now lives in Merced, CA.
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    Sassygurlm310 is very close to Nkauj Mog Mim so she should knows whether she has a hearing problem or not. Yeah, I would like to know about this too!
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    No...she didn't cheated. She is just too pretty and talented to combine the Paj Huam and song's into one piece for her talent show. If you were there to listen, the lyrics of her song also saying almost exactly like her Paj Huam too. It just like peb Hmoob tshuab qeej nav...peb ntuas tag peb mam...