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    new movie at j4

    "Pauj Kev Ntsim Siab" my bad sorry :)
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    new movie at j4

    Pauj Kev Chim starring Txhaj Hawj (he played Tub Yaj's step bro in Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia). Kind of looks like "Cob Fab" but different storylines. Very good movie. :) He's a good actor, not a pretty face, but "tough." Saw "I Go America" with Nom Phaj, but I didn't buy it. Destiny also had a...
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    Ua Neej Yuav Kev

    December 2009. Look at the clips/trailers on Youtube. It stars Tshaj Meej Yaj, the singer. And some girl who looks kinda like a cross between Mab Sua Lis and Ntxawm Lis. It's from Asian Video. The same girl that played Tub Yaj's little daughter is in it. She's bigger now. And she's the...
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    My Vocal at its best - Coob Thoj

    Not bad. I was a fan of his brother Pov as a little girl growing up, and I've come to enjoy most of his songs as well. He's got a distinctive, deeper, husky voice compared to his brother. You're pretty good, kinda rusty but I don't know how long you've been singing or if you've had lessons...
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    Her pictures look pretty good, touched up obviously, but still very good. And she looks great. I don't think she gained any weight. (Considering she was in Hmong clothes...). She'd give those HTT/Hmong Lao girls like Ntxawm Lis a run for their $$. She's got style (I didn't say class). The...
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    Kooj Pheej Lub Neeg Nrog Txoj Kev Hlub

    What's it about? Coob Thoj has improved as an actor. Never heard of this though. Is it new?
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    Talented or Not?!

    OMG I know her! She got 3rd out of 8 girls I believe. comment. 'nuff said... ;)
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    ntxawm lis

    No pictures, no matter. :P
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    hMONg tABLoiDs...

    Maiv Ntxawm's up close pic is gorgeous. Of course, I bet $$$ it has been photoshopped. But like someone else said, that's an expensive software...use it. LOL.
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    No wonder nws txawj txawj hu nkauj in lus Hmoob yam li cov HTT singers ;) Eh... Their weight, for "entertainers", they are...thicker. JMO. Those HTT girls always claim to be younger than their age anyways. I've seen little teenagers who claim they are "old" on their I wouldn't...
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    Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia

    Haven't watched Nplooj Siab Khaub lig cua except part 1...Gave up when 7 parts came out :P Borrowed the rest of Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia from my friend...It's pretty damn good! (And I'm not a Hmong movie fan). Except I would have to say it's more about the family relationships than it is about love...
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    Maiv Xyooj's Myspace Blog...

    INteresting..Haha. WHat's wrong with her saying her clothes are custom-made? They *are* custom. She wants to be unique, it's part of her image/job. :P Power to her. Her kids, they're boys right? They're gonna have to go back to their dad anyways like someone else said. "tuav lawv txiv cov...
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    ntxawm lis

    According to rumors, *if* and I say *if* they get married, it's because Tub knocked her up. She got preggers with his kid and she tried to get rid of it or something. I think she's pretty when you first see her on TV, then she's Tsis zoo nkauj li. But those other ladies that he's...
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    Kao Lee

    SEXY voice, very smooth, much better now than his first two albums where he tried too hard to sound like the late Pov Thoj, I'm not too fond of his flashy clothes, but like his music. Haven't seen his music vids...
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    Hmong Media Present: Txhob Tos Lwm Tiam

    I liked the trailer but I didn't see anyone selling it at J4 so I was like "whatever..." Meej Thoj and the main girl make a cute couple :D And I have to say, I love Paj Thoj "Maiv Puv". And the niam hlob/niam yau of the older guy...I met the niam hlob (Cua Yaj?) last year and she's SOOOO thin...