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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Send Namfon Patcharin a Bday Msg.

    I'm quite disappointed in the lack of participates, as this is a really good opportunity, I know she has more fans than this! Apart from that, Thank You to those who left a msg anyways :lol: Only one day left as I've moved the deadline forward, so if you still want to leave her a msg, please...
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    Send Namfon Patcharin a Bday Msg.

    Bump! Just a reminder, only about 2 weeks-ish left lolz please leave a msg as soon as you can, don't leave it last minute (the day before 18th of June or on the day) because I do need to put this into a booklet so please don't think long lolz, it'll be traveling on the 21st therefore I need it...
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    Send Namfon Patcharin a Bday Msg.

    Yes sure you can write her a story if you like :lol: I think anything, I'll be more than happy if you guys give more than just a message because I know it'll bring a smile to her face :blush: This time I'm not visiting during her birthday month, but lucky someone I know is going so she will...
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    Send Namfon Patcharin a Bday Msg.

    Hello! It's been one year already! p'Fon's birthday is on the 21st of June, this year she'll be 23 years old. Last year I've also created something like this and handed her the wishes, again I would like to do that because p'Fon was really pleased to read all the fans msg, I think she loved it...
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    Benz Pornchita

    thick people these days :rolleyes: they probably don't feel the embarrassments. -_-
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    Cute title ^^

    Cute title ^^
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    margie's new look

    Wow she actually looks quite nice with short hair
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    Hot Actress of the Year 2008

    Pancake is hot, she has continuation of ads, lakorns, magazine shoots and events coming in all the times that's why she's in there
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    R-team FOrum

    tsk.. its L & R Team you dudes
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    Lome & Pancake @ Siam Square

    Awww cute, when Pancake has shorter hair and having it curled like that reminds me of her own mother lol, she really clone her mother, just a younger version, but still cute
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    Lol Cecilia, you used a funny word, probably didn't think right but, celebrate for the Princess's death? :lol: Anyways this lakorn is predictable. B) B)
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    Jai Rao starring Ken and Ann??

    lol you got the inform mixed up maybe but Jao Rao is Ken and Aff.. not airing yet so it can't be on youtube OR released on DVD anytime soon
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    Rome, Namfon, Yardthip

    gosh I think this photoshoot looks ugly LOL its so simple and there is no budget in it, Namfon only wore two outfits :lol: her facial expression is so sad, I think she suits better looking cute than trying to look abit sexy :(
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    Rita Jensen & Jui Warattaya for L'Oreal

    gosh soooo much retouch it just makes them look so fake and not themselves :(