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  • It's ok you don't have to share with me. I still need to go get you the smelly thing that they put in it to taste good. Gotta bubble wrap it too so the glass doesn't break and stinks up the whole room LOL. Feel better soon!
    I don't want to gloat or anything but I will be having som tum this weekend LOL. I miss it oh sooo much! And it's only been a week. I'm telling you I need my som tum fix every week...preferably everyday lol.
    I couldn't take anymore studying so as you can see I'm being lazy and browsing haha. Anyways everytime I see your username PimpStress I think of all the "New's" that you want to stalk in the boons of cow town hahahaha you know what i mean. *Wink*
    I hope I have an awesome halloween too but it's raining hard outside so I don't think I'll go stalk you know who lol.
    daring!! omg..I was wondering who pimpstress was. lol. How are you doing?You pimpstress you. Anyways...o gosh, I haven't checked my profile thing in forever! so I just got your message. lol. If you still have the recipes, please share. ^^ Take care now.
    are pimps stressin' u out? hahaha... how's everything so far? hope to see u in cali soon :D
    lmao at you. I went to see National Treasurer. It was pretty good actually. The guy Riley is so funny.
    OMG OMG! i can't believe ur comin' to CALI, oooh yes i can believe it, it's gonna be awesome, ahh it's beeaach funtime, ready to RAWK OUT!
    I saw it at 1 a.m, and it made me wide awake :p. Well, I slept 12 hours last night, that's huge.
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