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    Khun Mae Jum Laeng(Cholumpi)

    Yep in his movie Valentines. He's so cute!! Love this men!!
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    Ase Wang & Ananda Everingham: Up Close and Personal

    Ananda is so HAWT!!!!!! SEXY!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... :wub:
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    HAMBURGER vol. 7 no. 124 October 2008

    I like this photoshoot!! Paula is gorgeous! I thought Sunny was LDW (Lee Dong Wook)!!!! Don't you girls agree?? Sunny is CUTE/HANDSOME!! Love it!!
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    Artit Ching Duang (Exact-Scenario)

    Hey girls! Wat's up? Um..I don't think that he's(Nutt) the p'ek... :( But IDK...check this out.. link/more credit
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    Wu Zun!!!

    Wu Chun is so cute! I first saw him in "Romantic Princess" loved the series, it was cute! Especially the cousins... ;)
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    From English to Khmer

    OMG! Thank you guys sooo much for your help!!!! I appreciate it very much!!
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    Sexiest Thai Actors

    Chakrit Ken Ananda Tik :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
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    If you girls can't wait(like me)..someone has uploaded it on youtube!! ahhh...
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    The movie is out on ethaicd!!! ahhhhhhhh..I can't wait!!
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    the strangers

    I AGREE!!! I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!!!! :ph34r: :angry:
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    official thread to Joo Jin Mo

    Anyone else a fan? He is soooo handsome - SEXY!!! ahhhhhhh... :drool: :wub: NAME: JOO JIN MO DATE OF BIRTH: August 11, 1975 REAL NAME: PARK Jin-tae HEIGHT: 180 cm FAMILY: 3 older sisters : Single EDUCATION: Dropped out of Inchun Junior College : Play troupe "Yoo" HOBBY: Fishing : Electric...
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    the next upcoming fever of 08'

    I can't wait for Anne and Aum and Chakrit and Ja!! Does anyone know if Anne and Chakrit is this year or next year?
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    Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies

    Does anyone have Nop Bayarith - "monus kmean domlai" I think it's the Full House song.. I would appreciate it!! Thanx in advNCE!
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    How to dl from megaupload

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how do you dl from mega upload? Like I wanted to dl "My name is Kim Sam Soon" OST from the Korean section, but I don't know how. Could someone please tell me how? Thanks in advance!! ;)
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    Pong and Bee Namthip

    Pong is very handsome!! I like Bee's 1st picture the most... Thank you for sharing lynda!! :)