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  • Hey folks, I'm officially back (well maybe semi back because I'm back in school too)! Feels good to be back "home" though. Miss all you serious, funny, outrageous, cool, etc. people. Well since this is a fresh new account from my previous suayrerdcherdsode, would you guys mind adding me as a friend because I totally lost all of my buddies on my previous account too. ;)
    Hey there AFers, I am suayrerdcherdsode. For some reason, I couldn't log in to my account so I made a new one. What sucks even more is that I lost all my fanfic files on my computer. I updated a lot of chapters but now they're all gone. I am now debating on whether or not to continue those FFs. :(
    I Couldnt Sign in Aswell So I Had To use My Twitter Account
    I couldn't sign in either from my ipad or iphone. I never signed out from my work computer so I was able to get back in on the work computer.
    Have darv reset your password -- once he do that .. you'll back to normal mode.
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