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    Who should be Nadech's next co star?

    i know this is an old poll and that's why she's not on here, but having just watched Majurat See Nampeung recently, i would love to see one of my all time favorite guy, Nadech (the other one being than Ken T.  :wink: ) pair up with Namtarn
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    Which characters in Suparboorut Jutathep captured you?

    Each of the Khun Chais was awesome in their own way, but the one that I enjoyed the most was Chai Lek.  I love the fact the he's always a bit silly and never gets upset with Soifah for some of the childish pranks she pulls on him.   But I have to agree with bubbles8, none of the Khun Chais...
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    Which couples you like more?

    no even for Yadech bias here.  One of my all time favorite on screen couples.
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    Just recently finsihed the Khun Chais of my favorite line is from Khun Chai Puttipat when he was telling the grandmothers that he was marrying Kaew.   Ya Oon: You want to ask permission to marry her? Chai Pat: No I'm not asking permission. I'm just telling you.   he knows what he...
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    hahah...i'm currently watching Thoranee Ne Nee Krai Krong and i love this line from ep 5 where Pan and Aueng are trying to take off Athit's super tight pants because he was sick...    Aueng:  "Is this a fashion trend or he doesn't have money to buy pants?  Probably he has worn it since he was in...
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    I could have swore i made a reply to a similar thread before but i cannot find it.  Here's one of my favorite lines, and it's from the drama Wanida.  It was the scene between Aff (Wanida) and Joy R. (Pisamai).  My favorite line was Aff/Wanida's line.   Pisamai:  I'm Major Prajak's lover...
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    Lakorn Makeup

    i agree...i too wear minimun makeup....i need to look into primers as well...i just started using BB creams a few months ago and i love it...What is a good brand for primer?
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    "Ridiculous" Lakorn Endings

    many channel 5 lakorn ending sucks, but i have got to agree with Dok Soke being one of the most stupidest and suckiest ending ever...that drama made me wanted to strangle the n'ek...i mean seriously, how can she marry him and then just leave him like that...i was the "WTF kind of ending is...
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    [SBS] Faith

    love the drama, found the ending disappionting though, after their love and longing for each other i wanted to see more of them being together
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    [KBS2] Nice Guy

    i was waiting for more epi to come out before watching it...just watched it this weekend and i love it..i'm totally hook. So glad i only have to wait anxiously for two weeks for it to finish. I think it's worth watching. I watched it because of my bias for Song Joong Ki, but found that I...
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    The Most Handsome Pra'ek

    If we're rating them on handsomeness I have to say Ken wins hands down for me. I didn't start liking him until i saw him in Oum Ruk. I I saw him in Nung Nai Suang and he didn't make all that big of an impression on me until i saw him in Oum Ruk. Although Nadech is my favorite out of all four...
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    Best Lakorns!!

    the one that you are probably thinking of where she was in it with Pat is Ka Neung Ha
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    hahah...Thooka, you are too funny...yes it's the Om and Min's call Bundai Dok Ruk, of my favoirtes
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    His family owns a farm. She is a beauty queen. She gets a job at his family farm where her best friends works in hopes of catching the son of the owner's eyes. He is the responsible brother who was ask to intervene as his brother often does not make the best decision regarding woman. He falls...
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!