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  • busy with the family and stuff like that; that's about it ^___-" I miss u though and those old days where everyone use to camp out in flash lol
    --omg i added the comment on my own profile lmao and just today noticed that i didn't post it on your profile lol
    i had fun..just that it was cold & it seem as though i was getting sick..maybe it was the weather..but yeah..seriously...i kinda wanted to talk to noy...but she just give me that feeling of whatever...dont talk to me..but im whatever with it...i mean she wants to be like be it.i cant & im not gonna cry for her to talk to me..yeah you shouldnt cried that nite..i know that you were
    hey are you??havent talk to you since your bday oh man..that was a crazy
    yw dear, but annnne is whom you have to thank :p she helped me ^__^ i myself can't find that many moosic because im not good with that type of music hehehe
    hmm how am i doing?? okay, just some prick is pissing me off..... i've been so busy with school and work...... my weekends are like my super rest days... i sleep around 1'ish and get up like @ 11/12..... i know i know lazy ass but then since schools started it's wiping me out... hope ur doing goood... i miss chatting with u...... and oh thanks again for the song....
    lmfao...... to be honest i never really took my time to listen to this song and it's pretty goood.... thanks and heck yeah girl... share as much as u want... i need new music too and i figure u have good taste....
    lol.... as u can see.. i'm take'n over ur comment thing... dont want to share with anyone else but okay getting cheesy.... well update some about urself girl..... i'm glad that ur still around surfing in sw like me.... hahhah bummer.. nothing to ttyl k.. and oh goodnights to u too my dear.... love lek BYE!!!!
    gosh... i totally forgot how tireding hw was so it's all slowly comming back..... lol life? it's okay too.. i dont do or go out much anymore since the summer ended...... what about u missy?? how's it going?? i miss chatting with u too..... i rarely see anyone on sw anymore too..... well i guess cause everyone's so busy now and these days
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