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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    ummm...nich khun from 2pm? i've heard him in english (singing and talking) and i think it's pretty good
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    Meu Nang (Dida)

    the first episode was ok....interesting enough for me to want to continue watching...although i do have to say that kwan and teung1's encounter was quite corny haha...and her wardrobe is pretty and all, but so far his isn't so "nice" lol i'm lookin forward to ep. 2 :D
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    Meu Nang (Dida)

    awe...thanks...but can someone upload it on youtube or something because my computer is too slow for downloads....thanks a bunch!! :D
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    awe...i would love to see her onscreen again... i found the links on youtube haha credits to thinkjaden :D
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    Mos Patiparn

    awe! three years ago i wasn't even in sf yet... his singing i've never actually listened to, but yeah...coolios
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    March 8, 2009 Inauspicious Day!

    the heck...i for sure wasn't home, am i going to get sick now??? :(
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    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    MasterMind, actually you've got a good question there...I wonder if the baby is reborn as Ae's character??? But, yes, I would also like to know what happen to the unborn baby...
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    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    for some reason, i am on tanya's side...well, she really did love chai and he was the only one who "cared" about her as she sees it...and she just didn't trust anyone at that point because she was alone after all...and it's stupid how nampeung is even willing to marry him if she knew that he...
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    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    omg! thanks so much! now, i'm going to listen and read at the same time... thanks to you and mongstaness!!!
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    Meu Nang (Dida)

    just air the d@mn series already! lol
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    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    hey! thanks. Oooh, so that's how the song goes...haha...i had a feeling it was going to be about that too, obviously because of the series...but yeah, thanks! it would be nice to see the whole song translated too :D anyone??? lol
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    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    can someone translate the song for me please??? i'm very curious since some people said it's evil... thanks in advance :D oh yeah, the opening song towards the end, when tanya's ghost is touching chai's face and the song is playing...i don't know but i just find it really she...
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    Sarp Poo Sah(Broadcast)

    i just started watching this series and so far, i really like it the storyline is kind of similar to other horror lakorns but this one is more interesting and the themesong is very saddening and good now, if someone is nice enough to sub the series and the song :D
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    New Breed

    personally, i think they are probably one of the better hmong bands...i've only listened to one or two songs from them so i can't really say much...but so far, i think they are pretty good as far as lyrics and meanings of their's not as "wanna be gangsta" in a way, simply because i am...
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    Artit Ching Duang (Exact-Scenario)

    OOO...I like your "twist" It makes sense and it's reasonable...I like it! :D