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    RIP Por

    Oh no!! Pray that P'Por will make it through. My prayer with him and his family. Thank you for all the update gils! <3
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Oh no! I saw people in the entertainment industry posted pictures of P'Por but I want sure what's wrong since I can't read Thai. Wish him the best and to pull through it all. So sad. I have always been a fan of him since the beginning.
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    [Ch3] Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (Sonix Boom)

    Omg I have been lurking around for a while and just started watching this after reading some spoilers, watch the MV and read all the comments. I am so glad I finally gave it a shot. Oh and Mint are soooo damn cute tooo cute I'm about to have a heart attack. Lol i giggle and smile...
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    [OneHD] Hua Jai Mee Ngao (Exact)

    Wtf???!!! Nooo! I want Fair to be pek. If they changed the roles of characters and pek/nek, then it's bit even the same lakorn. Shouldn't even be the same title. I will stop with this lakorn. The heck!! I'm so piss. I was so excited for this remake. Now I have no more interest and that producer...
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    [Ch3] Theppabut Sood Veha (D One TV)

    I have to agree! I'm only watching the lakorn for Rome. Finally it ended. It ended stupid too. I understand they are in different world but I still went "what the fudge I just went through and watch all those epiodes??" Thank god it's over though.
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    The Marriage Proposal :Ch 13 update:

    Thanks for the update! Pls update soon hehehe got to the interesting part lol
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    [Ch3] Ka Badin (Tv Scene)

    I love reading all the comments. I'm so sad that this lakorn ended. It's definitely one of my fave dramas ever. Love all the scenes between James and Matt. I just love the subtle and romantic scenes between them. Just so sweet and touching. Doesn't have to be much skinship just the way the talk...
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    James Ma Random: Discussions, Random Pics, Etc...

    OMG me too! Jealous of that girl. Lol I know I read that too...aww only one Gf. Waiting to see who she will be. I hope she will know how lucky she is. :)
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    James Ma Random: Discussions, Random Pics, Etc...

    And oh damn!! James looks so hotttt, I'm about to faint! Thanks for sharing Step!
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    James Ma Random: Discussions, Random Pics, Etc...

    Thanks dear for the clarification. Matt looked almost as tall as him. She must be a very tall girl then. I know she's almost as tall as her costars anyway. James really does seem like a genuinely kind person and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm a fan. I got that vibe from him. I'm pretty good at...
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    James Ma Random: Discussions, Random Pics, Etc...

    Matt looks very tall in the KB, almost as tall as James and she's only wear flats. How tall is she? I think her wiki profile says 170 but she looks taller than that. And I read in another page, someone mention James is 182. What is there real height? Oh one last question lol, what is James...
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    [Ch3] Ka Badin (Tv Scene)

    Thank you so much my dear!!! ♡ You're so fast lol I'll watch it sometimes this weekend. Can't wait til this weekend. Glad it's almost Friday. I haven't been this obsess over a lakorn in a long long time. Their love story so sweet. Start as sibling and unknowingly fall in love. They have that...
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    [Ch3] Ka Badin (Tv Scene)

    I am a silent stalker too lol just want to say I'm soooooo in love with this lakorn, cast and storyline. I'm usually not a period lakorn fan but this gave this a try when it first aired because I'm a huge fan of Matt. She can act and she seem like a very likable person. Some actors and actresses...
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    [Ch3] Hua Jai Patapee (Tv Scene)

    How come no episode today? Anyone knows? I really like this lakorn.
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    The Marriage Proposal :Ch 13 update:

    Thank you so much for the update! I'm looking forward to reading more. hehe glad he finally found out that Da has been cheating on him.