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    hi... just droping by..

    hi... just droping by..
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    new lao singer

    this song is good.. i love his singing voice..
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    new lao singer

    you sure it's her not this lao singer name cream... because cream went to the show At Ten also... May and Cream have a really nice voice..
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    new lao singer

    i like her song and voice.. it's very good. she pretty and cute..anybody have her cd?? her name is May..
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    i was right ...

    kammy is cute in the VM :blush: ...
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    Boy Piyarat Arthakornsiripho

    bee and boy are sister and brother i saw it in a talk show in youtube
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    no..i dont' recall that name??? unless i see the face.

    no..i dont' recall that name??? unless i see the face.
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    <span style="color:red"><b>DL link of Laotian Song</b></span>

    Sam Intharaphithak- Let me know don't know who this sing song but it's good.. it's call- job job kun pai
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    Bpee Kaew Nang Hong (Red Drama)

    this lakorn is okay..but i want to see more of Sinn. He is handsome..I want to see more of him in other new lakorn as pra eak..
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    num needs to stop being p'ek

    i don't think num look old, he still look young for his age. IF i didn't know who he is i would have thought that he is 27 year old. Even though num look tired and stuff but he look still look way better then some of those pra eak out there and when he don't look tired he look totally hot and...
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    Muer Dok Ruk Ban (Act Art Generation)

    the title means, when the love flower is blooming....hahaha lolz. listen to the song of this lakorn it will tell you what the title really means.
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    Laos people in the U.S. looking like Thai Lakorn Stars

    if guy want to know about laos history and other stuff about laos you guy should go check out this site. Lao people in that site really know what they are talking about when it come to talking about history...
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    boran with kob

    i will upload it..once i learn how to rip the file out of the DVD
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    Muer Dok Ruk Ban (Act Art Generation)

    can't wait to watch the ending... love mart-kritsada, he is so cute and hot looking.