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    Ch3 2010 Lakorn Preview

    wow...they all look so good!
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    thanks! Have a great day!

    thanks! Have a great day!
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    St. Paul Hmong Soldier among Killed at Fort Hood

    awe...that's sad! My sis-in-law was just asking me too if a hmong person was shot I know! He's got a family too! SAD!
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    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    I checked out the site last night! It was pretty nice! Love Se7en..and I can't wait for his album...
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    It's been two years since you started this thread! LOL...Big Bang is a big success! GO YG! Love Big Bang...I gotta admit that I'm hooked on them! LOL...Love their music and the fact that GD be writting some of the songs they sing. They're creative and they come up their own style...fighting...
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    SE7EN vs RAIN

    I love Se7en...he's the best...he's also..HOT! ^_^
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    sarnworld video site

    thanks for letting me know
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    sarnworld video site

    I have been trying to access the video site and it seems to not be working...can someone confirm with me if it'll be up or if it's gone? Thank you!
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    racism or satire?

    Hey everyone, I just got backfrom a conference in Denver. There I found out that a school newpaper printed out this article about how asian people really are and what should be done to them. I think there has been an official apology but I think this is the time to have all asians and other...
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    sarNworld video streaming site!

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    New Hmong Movie: Goodbye Tus Kuv Hlub

    look really good! Thanks fo sharing :lol:
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    Bad News! Hmong Actress Mina Died

    gosh..can't believe it..that's just sad!
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    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    can't wait for it to air :D