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    ❤[GMM25] Fai Sin Chua (Goodboy Entertainment): Yardthip Rachapal/Ying Rhatha/Fluke Krekpon/Bie KPN/Joss Wayar/Off Jumpol/Fah Yongwaree/Fon Sananthacha

    They have Fah in these cheating husband roles huh. I already love Fah and Joss, they would be a great match.
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    ❤️[CH7] Tawan Arb Dao (Prakot Karn Dee): Kem Hussawee/ Thisa Varitthisa/ Chiranan Manochaem

    I want more pranang scenes too. This lakorn really depends on cellphone huh. Like every scene someone gets a phone call. lol
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    ❤️[CH3] Leh Bunpakarn (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

    When they start getting into the past I have goosebumps. I thought I loved Uthai and Duangkhae, but I'm falling in love with Rawi and Sasina too. Also, the girl that plays Thinnasaree is doing amazing in all her role. This is getting better each episodes!
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    ❤️[PPTV] Woon Ruk Nak Kaao: Andrew Gregson / Noon Woranuch

    I think the older he gets, the better he looks. :naughty2:
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    ❤️[CH7] Sapai Import (Pordeecom) : Mik Thongraya/Min Pechaya

    It does get a little repetitive with a lot of nonsense, bickering, then seriousness... but I really like the pairing. I also really like Min in here.
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    ❤️[Amarin34] Talay Prae (Change2561): New Wongsakorn / Katreeya English / Fah Yongwaree / Tar Navin

    Yeah Art is handsome in here, I actually like him and n'ek too. She's pretty, I think she would also look good paired with Aum Atichart... as if that would happen lol.
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    ❤️[CH3] Fah Fak Ruk (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn / Mint Chalida

    It might be true that Kim's mother was framed to have an affair because Toh mentioned how Kim was his uncle's favorite son and likely would've inherited the money. I'm sure Natee's father loves Kim, but the thought that he is not his son anger him. What I'm hoping is that Kim's mother wasn't...
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    [ONE31] Songkram Nak Pun Season 2 (The One Enterprise): Bee Namthip / Lukkade Metinee / Push Puttichai / Bifern Anchasa / Jes Jespipat

    In the first season I felt like Thankun was the p'ek, now in this season I feel like I am watching Songprod as the p'ek who rape n'ek and is now trying to make up for what he did. Man I am confused.
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    ❤️[CH3] Plerng Ruk Plerng Kaen (Broadcast Thai Television): Boy Pakorn/Jui Warrataya

    I only want to watch for Rita, too bad she's not n'ek. Not a fan of Jui either, but might give this a try.
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    ❤️[Ch7] Suparburut Jorm Jon Part 1: Duang Jai Kabot (Michael Pattaradet/Now Tisanart)

    The storyline is lacking, and 'Jao Joi' the 'princess' is not a convincing character. It seems like p'ek is helping a regular girl escape her hometown. That being said, I enjoy seeing Michael and Louis ;)
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    ❤️[Ch7] Suparburut Jorm Jon Part 1: Duang Jai Kabot (Michael Pattaradet/Now Tisanart)

    Ah love Michael and Louise... I just wished Louise was paired with someone else
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    ❤️[CH3] King Kasalong (No problem): Yaya Urassaya/ James Ma

    After seeing the past, I think Krit is confused. He probably thinks he loves Primpy, but actually is Kasalong that he has loved in the past and waited for. Like they were together for so many years, he still did not want to propose to her or said he loves her. That house, is probably the...
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    ❤️[CH3] King Kasalong (No problem): Yaya Urassaya/ James Ma

    Yaya as Kasalong nailed it. Omg the scene where her dad beat her with the stick and broke on her back...I can feel the emotions. I almost teared up. And Yaya in traditional clothes, I agree with Krit she looks so beautiful.
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    ❤️[CH3] Plerng Prang Thien (Good Feeling Production) : Toey Pongsakorn / Nychaa Nuttanicha

    eh I hope not. I feel like what will happen to Louise/ Ben will make Lin realize he loves her unconditionally and has always protected her. I been behind on this, and tell why am I still blushing thinking of episode 5 when Lin and Louis were riding on the elephant, and flirting. She always...
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    ❤️[CH3] Plerng Prang Thien (Good Feeling Production) : Toey Pongsakorn / Nychaa Nuttanicha

    or him telling her to hold on tight otherwise he will drop her :risas3: Louis/Ben and Lin are so cute,.