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    K-pop concert in LA!!

    Yes! The one at Home Depot
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    K-pop concert in LA!!

    Is anyone in Fresno attending this concert and wanting to carpool??? Let me knw! We can all go together even if we dnt sit on same rows/seats and meet up after the concert! Who's going!!???
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    Thai Actor/Actress attending Fresno New Year

    lol well isn't that just too bad ;)
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    Thai Actor/Actress attending Fresno New Year

    As busy as i am, i still had to go on the first day to see them :) & it was totally worth it! I was definitely the luckiest fan there that day. From being the first person to take a picture with him to kissing him and even having him remembering my name! It took forever for the photographer to...
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    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    Boo hoo! no kiss scenes? are u effin serious??? ima pass then :)
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    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    ahhhh, why can't i see the picture?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *nvm i see it now :)) i cnt wait for this lakorn! i hope it's a real kiss!
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    I wanna go to JYJ's world tour next friday in LA!!!!!!

    I wanna go to JYJ's world tour next friday in LA!!!!!!
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    Chuen Cheewaa Navy (Quiz & Quest)

    yard looks gorgeous! i freaken miss her as na'ek! cant wait to see this!
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    Sira Patchara Duang Jai Nak Rope(Quiz & Quest)

    Same here, Im looking forward to seeing yard and chai's couple!!! i miss yard!
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    Jao Sao Rim Tang (Kantana)

    haha SunRise, yeah it's their new movie! i can't wait to see it! anyways, I hope we get some pictures of this lakorn soon!
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    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    The teaser itself almost killed me. like OMG! soooo much drama! Boy looks soooo HOT! and pat's gotten sooo much prettier! I really wanted to watch this but I don't think i am anymore cause toooooo much drama! I love alex as well! i'll probably watch alex and pat's lakorn in the future ;)
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Oooooo three major hotties! especially Mark!!!! Please pick a pretty na'ek for these hotties!!!!
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    Sapai Mai Rai Sakdena ( TV Scene )

    alex as pra'ek??? i might just watch it for him. Not to mention how pretty pat's gotten too :)
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    Pom Mai Yark Pen Sai Lub (Master One)

    OMFG!!! i'm soooooo mad!!! wtf? what kind of Pra'ek is this?? for vicky?? omfg! skip!! as much as i love vicky, they do not MATCH one bit!