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    Tik Jadesadaporn is getting married!!

    Congrats to him and his fiance....i'm happy for the two of them
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    Sudsapda vol. 27 no. 633 June 2009

    wow...noon is so purty....i really like her short hair...thanks for sharing..
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    Manassanan [Donut]

    i agree...donut looks pretty but i just don't like the just doesn't look good slicked back
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    Khun Nu Shantana (CH3+TV Scene)

    I cannot wait for this excited...hmm...i wonder when it will come out?! hmm....
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    The McIntosh Family

    wow...what a beautiful family....thanks for sharing...the little boy is so adorable too..
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    Yui jiranun manojam best actress of asia 2008

    Congrats to yui...she deserves it...she such a great actress...i love her...
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    Ch3 2009 Calendar

    cool..thanks for posting them..the calendar looks super nice...i really like the background
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    dating someone older than you

    That is not what I am saying....but once you think about's like someone who is 25 dating someone who is 20...if the two are willing to wait till he's 18 then they should wait....i friend and her bf have been dating for 5 years...and he is 3 years younger then she is...she's 23...
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    dating someone older than you

    I believe there is nothing wrong with dating someone who is younger than you...sometimes you might find guys who are younger than who are more mature then guys your age or older...i don't really think age is a big issue, my friend is dating a guy who is 3 yrs her junior and they are really good...
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    New Dubb team

    do you want us to post up the clips for the audition in the thread?
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    Labor Day DJ Party!

    Come and Party Labor Day Weekend
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    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    i think it would be great again...i was kind of in the first group..but my mic didn't now..i have a new one..i would love to join...if that is okay?!
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    I would like to sing and write songs....but i'm busy with work so i won't be on alot...if that is okay...
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    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    I totally agree with made me a super donut and leo fan...i want to see them together in another lakorn...
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    Rome's next co-star

    i would have to say...i would love to see him with Donut....wasn't he in one of her lakorns...anyways...yeah...i would like to see those two together....