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    Nee Chewit

    She did get pregnant becuz she told her friend "Tat" that she can raise her baby on her own...
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    TV inside : V ol. 206 - Chompoo Araya

    What is up with the open mouth? I guesss it's suppose to be sexy or something? I swear it's making the picture look
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    Hua Jai Sila

    Bie so reminded me of Bi(Rain), don't u guys think so?
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    choose your company

    To me okay...I'm can't chooose...Ch7 is great because most of the storylines are great, the actors and actresses are great, but not much actors and actresses. Ch3 has so many casts that is way bigger than Ch7, it has alot for us to choose.
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    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    Agreed, I don't think that just because ur a celeb u can get away with things easily..Society in Thailand have now changed (I hope). It does not matter if ur rich or poor, what matter is that everyone gets a fair trial...I am of course one of P'Num's biggest fan, just hope that it was a was due...
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    Lued Nai Din

    Dang wat is up with revenging drama...Hey I noticed that Nok's name in the movie is that I have never heard of the name before until I've seen the movie "Galhong" ch3, Nok is Vee's gf in real life and in the movie she plays as the bad girl who...
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    Ruk Tae Saeb Lhai

    This lakorn would be G-R-E-A-T if they just take Kade and Chompoo character out. I mean, there's no need for them is the movie. They're only ruin it for Pok and Poh..ARRRRRRRGGGGG.
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    Hua Jai Sila

    If anybody knows what the movie is about, please, precious please give me a summary...Thank U soooooo gratefully much.... :)
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    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    dang, why Go, I mean he's ewww. He is not a very good lookin' guy, and plus I think he's kinda short for her. I hope they change it to Tik, Tack, or anybody besides him..........just my opinion.
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    Kasa Naka

    Hey how old is the New guy anyways. Becuz I saw on ch7 webboard when they interview him a while back, a fan asked him how old was he and he just laugh and said that he's 19 going on 20.
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    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    He kinda looks like Pepper
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    Actors and Actresses Dating Issues

    Just to let everyone know, This is only my OPINION okay. So don't get butthurt about it....
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    Actors and Actresses Dating Issues

    I have noticed that most actors and actressed in the industry is dating someone who is not quite good looking at all. I guess they're just base on the wealth, or maybe personality(I doubt it). Most celebs are dating someone who is rich, well-known, come from a good family. For example: Noon...
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    Agree with u. The audience should act mature and give respect because I mean after all she did fell on her butt. With rude audience like that I don't think they would wanna held another beauty pegeant there anymore. Also, have u guys notice that some of the pageant had their breasts done. I...
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    nam rapeepat

    I think he's okay. He's got the height and all. Can anyone give me some info. on him. Also, is he dating someone right now, how tall is he, etc.