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    General Vang Pao died!!

    That's horrible. Even if I am not someone who believes that GVP is our Hmong God like many other people, it's awful that people would spread rumors of his death. No one deserves that especially about someone like GVP where many many thousands of people hold him in high esteem.
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    New Movie Trailer "Journey to the Fallen Skies"

    The first time around I didn't really understand it and the twist and everything just was all jumbled but I watched it again the second time with my dad and HE didn't get it but I understood.I don't want to post any spoilers so I won't go into detail, but I REALLY REALLY WANT TO! I need someone...
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    Coffee Prince Vs. Coffee House

    I'd go for coffee house. But I don't really get why coffee house and coffe prince are up against each other? They're not very similar to each other. Is it just the name?
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    Can someone teach me how to become a better Nyab Hmong?

    I think that's pretty typical. You should counteract their rudeness with kindness. Even if your in laws are horrible if you have go out and show the other relative that you are not like what your mother in law says then you've already won the war. People will just say she's a gossip. Like my...
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    Summer's Desire

    what was the ending? I don't wanna be a debbie downer but I hated this series! I couldn't stand neither of the lead guys and the sound guy was just horrible! Barbie is singing a beautifully haunting song and he goes and does a voice over AND an OST?! GRRR. I think that was the last straw for me...
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    [Taiwan] My Lucky Star (SETTV)

    Oh god. I can't stand hmong dubbed ones. I feel like they takes away all emotions by being so monotonous. Dubbers these days are not as great as the dubbers from back in the day.
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    [Mainland] Single Princesses and Blind Dates

    yes, this drama is really good! It can be a little far fetched but what drama isnt? I think what makes this drama so good is the relationships they have with each other. Especially the trust and friendship between the girl group and the boy group. My favorite couple is Ba Mei and Chang Sheng. Or...
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    are you asian? That's normal for us!

    are you asian? That's normal for us!
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    I'm a little too obsessed with Mark Prin! Love this kid!

    I'm a little too obsessed with Mark Prin! Love this kid!
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    First Love (Official Thai Trailer)

    BEST THAI MOVIE EVER! I LOVED IT! Mario Mauer and this girl did a fantabulas job!
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    if you're looking for the lakorn with Ae and Pat it is uploaded on youtube and subbed on Wishboniko's account.
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    Yes, Amanda Vang is married. Isn't this old news? People are getting so worked up on it!
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    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    uhm. This is Hmong vampires but also family gossip so may I add, that recently, today in fact, I found out one of my uncles, who i respected and have the greatest appreciation for has cheated on his wife and has possibly left her for divorcee. I can't believe it. OMG. OMG. OMG. He was the ones...
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    [Mainland] Single Princesses and Blind Dates

    This is a really good drama! They're almost done subbing it on viki!
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    I too agree that the M-Team was totally cheated out of their lakorn. They had so much chemistry and it would have done the writers and directors well to work off of it. All in all I think I saw only an hour or so on screen time together for Mark and Mint. I love Mark. Freakishly so. I'm so...