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    Thank you very very much!!! <3

    Thank you very very much!!! <3
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    Thank you soooo much!!!

    Thank you soooo much!!!
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    swirlblue artwork

    your latest post is sooo but u are amazingly talented! i love the pics and ur creations~ thanks for sharing ^^
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    aww..cuteness ^^ u have a beautiful style with those two~
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    Word Association Game

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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Fallin' 4 U - Qwote
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    The Ctrl V Game

    1723 S. West Bypass
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    I have a guy-friend who likes me alot!!

    aww..all these sad stories =( being young as i am..i think i've learned. i have alot of guy friends..and they are always there for me. eventually, i fall for them. but i always learn that friendship is more valuable than going into a relationship, breaking up, and feeling awkward afterwards. i...
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    ghost call

    visiting my cousin on saturday, she said the same thing...khawb koob..mmm..who knows.. im still cynical lol
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    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    im soooooo cynical towards this topic. my cousins and female relatives are saying all these..and im just like.."die by a phone call?! seriously." people cannot go one moment without making up shiets.
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    ghost call

    theres a similar thread like this somewhere else..<found it> but its cousin just brought this up today too..and this has been around far..3 deaths..are they sure that the phone call is the cause of it? sorries for...
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    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    you are a really great friend.. im just sorry i never told or show u that often.. you've always been the tough person.. so now..please be strong and pull thru.. i wish i could be at the hospital to see you.. but for now..i'll be here praying for you.. praying that God gives you another chance...
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    Super Natural?

    i live in missouri..and a bunch of my friends (hmong) have been forwarding me a text about it. something about its in another country..but then there has been a few texts where they say its a number from mn or ca.. im scared of it too cuz i have friends from mn and ca that i dont save their...
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    1 Sij Huam

    i just saw this movie this week. its ok..i like xab..but i think his movies are getting..iono..repetitive?..he's always like a son who wants to do things his way and he gets a wife whos all good and stuff..yada yada.. my mom thought it was hilarious and good..
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