AFN (Asianfuse network)

FB n twitter got blast by this sudden news... many people brokedown... how they can suddenly end a show in just about 3 days... monday, tuesday, wednesday... then they stop the show on thursday cause SP got that aamir khan event... then last ep on 30th, friday??? i don't want to believe on this... but Viraf also confirm the news... that his entry had been cancel since the show will go off air on 30th... What the!!!! NOWADAYS THEY ARE JUST TOO MUCH!!! I'M AB...
OMG!FINALLY! I rather have it end with Khushi and Arnav than to see Viraf .. In a way, i'm sad but yay! I'm happy b/c it will end with them together <3 Thanks na. This news made my day!!! *happy like a little girl now*