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  1. val

    thep sarm rudoo

    I was wondering if anyone here have thep sarm rudoo the uncut version which has 22 episodes. I love this boran so I order through ethaicd but they only have the cut version which is only 16 episodes which I was disappointed.
  2. val

    "Npam" New Hmong Horror

    saw tis on youtube and want to share it here is a new hmong horror movie coming soon on Labor Day. Preview (credits to moviehmong @ youtube)
  3. val

    Loving the Tigress from River East

    anyone have this series or know where i could get a copy with english subtitles or where i can watch with engish subtitles?
  4. val

    DVD Player

    anybody know what kind of dvd player that can play data disc? (like you download a movie then burn the file to a cd as data)
  5. val

    lakorn mv w/ hmong song

    friends of mine created these two mv...hope u enjoy it :D ThepTida Konnok (Janie's lakorn) Tep Sin Inn Tra Ra Juk (boran) por & vicki mv arnus & kwan mv
  6. val


    don't know if this topic is already up but Hmong Production have dubbed oil and kwan's lakorn, there's 5 parts. the hmong title was "Ntxub Kawg Siab Hlub Kawg Txoj Sia". i watch the thai version and it's one of my favorite lakorn of oil and kwan
  7. val

    tik and cherry lakorn

    anyone of you guys know who the singer is from the songs they put in tik and cherry lakorn "keaw ta pee" dubbed in hmong by EQ? i kind of like the songs they put in there and was wondering if anyone know who the singer is or have the songs that is willingly to share/upload it here
  8. val

    Burning DVD

    i was wondering if anyone could help me...i'm trying to burn a movie i download into DVD. the movie also have subtitle so how do i add subtitle into the movie so that there subtitle after finished burning (convert to DVD)?