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    Great Warintorn & Alex Rendell in Sydney

    22/11/09 Thai Food Festival in Darling Harbour, Sydney Great & Alex sang for the crowd - i didn't stay for too long but Great sang Nuer koo and some song i have heard before but not the title and Alex sang his latest single and I'm yours and superman (its not easy to be me)... it was an...
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    Vill: Bie's New MV Nangek in "Hug"

    Vill warranot is Bie's new MV nangek in his new single "Hug". Its such a fun, cute and boppy song. Not only do we get to see Bie dance but the gorgeous Vill also dances in here too. This song is soon to be release (idk when tho). Here are some caps of bie/vill. Credits to
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    Paula Taylor Casted In Hollywood Movie

    News: Sao Yim Suay "Paula Taylor" has been casted in an upcoming Hollywood movie called "Shadows" by Capitol Pictures. It is currently filming in bangkok, released towards the end of the year. It was also star William Hurt and Cary Elwes (don't know who they are). Can't wait for this...
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    Bie's New MV OUT NOW

    The MV for Bie's second single from his new unreleased album is out !!! It's called MARKMAI or มากมาย and feats. Bie's crush Paula Taylor... Bie: Markmai credits to Mekungkrubb P.S damn the cute scene in my sig is not in the MV, probs just part of the teaser from gmember
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    Cant get into sarnworld video site....

    its probably my comp and not the site ... i cant get into sarnworld video.. every other site works excpet this one .. like it was working last week and i tried to get into it today and got the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"... anyone out there that can help me ?? thansk in advacne
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    Has anyone noticed...

    Has anyone noticed that wen a lakorn goes big and we want to see the pra-nang pair up again... its like bang they pair up again(which is great) but they are in like period/fantasical type lakorn... uurrgghhh hate it when that happens... or is it just me that get dissapointed and cant wait for...
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    Lakorn Trends/Storylines

    is it me or has anyone else noticed the similar lakorn trends and storylines in da last couple of years... e.g *lots of babies: oum ruk, KRKR (kwan and oil) *p'ek been blind: keaw taa pee, lakorn with (por t, vicky, ploy), kling kaew krang jai *misleading identities (where is it really...