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  1. kjc1994

    [Ch3] Plerng Barb Ayuttithum (Maker K) : Boy Pakorn & Yeena/Gina Salas & Bomb Tanin

    Credit to the original owners I believe this wasn’t posted yet. Bomb will be playing the villain. Boy said it is like a mystery lakorn.
  2. kjc1994

    Aff, Ploy, & Umm at Ratree Samosarn

    They filmed the Ratree Samosarn today but they probably won't air it for a couple of weeks but here are the pictures credits to I didn't save all of them just some. Anyways I can't edit the title because I forgot to write the date of this. If anyone coupld could they write...
  3. kjc1994

    Janie's Birthday Party with her Fanclub

    Wells Janie's birthday isn't till the 11th I think. But they celebrated it early. Maybe they are gonna have a big party on her real birthday lol. But credits to
  4. kjc1994

    Janie @ Red Mango

    She has a new flavor of Yogurt. Credit as marked! She looks so cute! She's introducing a new flavor of yogurt. Credit as marked and also to en-tk. Here's something she wrote
  5. kjc1994

    Likit Ruk 2 Pandin (Broadcast)

    Thanks to P'Noiki at spicy for the info. Interesting pairing. I'm happy Janie has more lakorns! ^_^
  6. kjc1994

    Aff & Bie @ Ratree Samosarn : Prajun See Roong

    Credits to
  7. kjc1994

    Janie at Fanclub meeting "Secret Meeting"

    Credits to Janiestudio. She looks adorable in the pink and so pretty in the white dress! lol
  8. kjc1994

    Aff & Ken @ S.B Design Square

    Credits to Oil at Credits to ilt1980 There's also some videos of them since Aff's fans recorded them at the event. But here's the commercial.
  9. kjc1994

    Elder Thai Actors & Actresses then and now

    Okay so I was really bored online and my mom wanted me to find something about someone for her and I did and instead we found all these older actors and actress then and now. And some of them are so suprising! And I always have heard that Nirut looked like Chakrit and now that I looked at the...
  10. kjc1994

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Holy Heart Hunting

    Credits to we She's so pretty :wub:
  11. kjc1994

    Aff @ Ch 3 39th Anniversary Soccor Game

    Credits to ^_^
  12. kjc1994

    Janie at Ch3 39th Anniversary Soccor Game

    Credits to lovekawee/janiestudio
  13. kjc1994

    TV3 39TH Anniversary

    Here are some pictures of the event. I couldn't find much just found these ones from janie's thai board and aff's too. I'll try to find some other ones from other places. It's a cowboy theme too lol. Credits to rakdara, kapook, siamdara.
  14. kjc1994

    Janie @ 6th Thailand Barista Championship 2009

    She looks so pretty at the event!! Credits to Janie studio
  15. kjc1994

    Janie in a new MV!!!

    Credits to
  16. kjc1994

    Janie in a MV

    here's the link credits to sw33td3vot1on And here are some pictures credit to Janiestudios. She looks so adorable!! hehe
  17. kjc1994

    Janie @ ราชบุรี

    I miss P'Janie so much so here's an update hehe. Found these at so credit to them ^This picture is hilarious lol
  18. kjc1994

    Aom Piyada

    Credits to gmember.
  19. kjc1994

    Aff Taksaorn: Sweet Reflection

    Credit to She is so pretty in this mag!!
  20. kjc1994

    Aff Taksaorn & Janie Tienphosuwan

    Credits to ^nee^ at thaitv3 webboard.