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  1. Chewy

    Full Version of RM Converter

    I'm trying to convert .rm to .Avi or WMV...i found this program called "Rmconverter" which is only a 15 days trail. so far it's good but since it's only a trail it has watermark on there. i was wondering if anyone know where i could get a full version or is there other program to use to...
  2. Chewy

    HELP! record music

    i was wondering if anyone know how to record music over the internet or what program you would use to record it...thanks~chewy ^_^
  3. Chewy

    80 Xyoo Tseem Hlub

    I don't normally watch Hmong movie...but this one caught my attention...i really enjoy and the acting is ok.....i think it one of the better one i've seen in a long long time........ ^_^ Oh i haven't see the end becasuse the third tape is mess i can't wait... ^_^
  4. Chewy

    ~~**Chewy's Stuff**~~

    Thai lakorns, soundtracks and many more........ Coming soon....