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    Singing competition criteria for judging

    Hi guys, Im organising a singing competition and I just want to know what are the main Singing competition criteria for judging and how the judging for the hmong singing competition in the states work? Thanks
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    New Music Videos 2012

    What are the new Music Videos already out or coming out July 4th 2012? My sister is in the states atm so i want her to get me some. Thnaks in advance.
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    Hmong Beauty Pageants

    I've been thinking about this for a while but some one probably has already made a post about this.... The talent round during the beauty pageants for new year should not be called talent round but be call ' Entertainment Round ' cause its like for some contestants its their first time doing it...
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    Tsom Xyooj Vol.2

    Anyone have the song 'Looj ceeb' sung by Tsom Xyooj in his second album with Hmong sheeyee mind uploading? Thanks heaps
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    Where to spot Thai Stars?

    Im heading over to Thailand/Laos pretty will be in Thailand around the 18th of December...I know this is a stupid question to ask but does anyone know where Thai stars hang out or where can you meet or spot the Thais stars....i really want to meet and greet them....Thanks
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    How much money do I need for Thailand/Laos?

    Okay as I am going to Thailand/ Laos soon, i'm taking $5000. $3000 to spend in laos for 3.5 weeks and $2000 in Thailand for 11 days? Is that plenty or do I need more, I just feel i might need more because its during new year and theres gonna be heaps to do and buy.
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    Who's going to Thailand/Laos this year?

    I was bored so just started a random topic. But anyways I am at the end of November, cant wait!
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    xa xov nug moo

    Yes you know me....always requesting songs.......does anyone have this or know what vol it is from...i know its on youtube but the quality is not so good
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    Those who have relative in THAILAND

    I'm heading to thailand this december to volunteer... i just wondering is there any hmong villages in Kanchanaburi province because dats where i will be volunteering....i want to know cause i want to get some hmong clothes and stuff..... Thanks
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    Koj Dua Twg Lawm - cib xyooj vol 1

    Sorry neone got the song Koj Dua Twg Lawm from Cib xyooj's first album ie VOL.1
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    Smart Krissada Pornweroj

    Just wanna let anyone in melbourne Australia know that Smart Krissada Pornweroj will be in melbourne in august...and some other guy....but tickets are like 75 dollars
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    hmong qeej

    Does any one know where i can get some hmong qeej....not the real ones but the ones good for dancing....any websites? how much they are? shops that sell them in america or thailand ect....thanks
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    Thai festival

    Any melbourne users going to thai festival this weekend? i am.....
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    salavahn - hmong version

    i know this is a big ask, but does anyone has salavahn in hmong cause i need it for a graduation party coming up pretty soon. i know there is maim lee one buh hes one is too long and doesnt have the sitting part if you know what i mean. thanks
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    New movie

    any one got her new movie .....dat everone talkin about....can dey post di cover...i havent seen it yet...thanks.....if day dnt know hu im talking about is di actress in dis MV
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    Got Jakrapun

    URM ....just wondering if anyone has this song by him.....Fashion Gure Kaan...if ur not sure heres di link....i like a gud version of it....thanks......
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    Hais hmoob ua ke

    Hi does any one have the song "hais hmoob ua ke" by Somchai Yang i think from his newest album.....i know its on youtube buh the one on youtube sounds shit when u record it....thanks
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    Anuparb Por Khun Ramkhamheng

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of this short series... i know its uploaded on youtube buh i dnt like watching it on dere...i've asked all the thai stores dere is in australia and dey gave me that look like wtf are u talking about...i even show dem a picture buh dey still dnt know... if...
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    Den Narm Lom Fai

    i was jux wondering does anyone know how old the 4 kids are now...or what dey are doing and any recent pics of dem...would like to see what dey are up to cause its been so long....di fist kid or kid number 1 was my favourite...buh i didnt like it when he grew up....its funny cause hes still in...
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    split videos

    i just want to know how you split videos on youtube into 10 mins...becasue i would like to upload hmong lao entertainment version of Dung Duang hurethai....i tried uploading havle of part 1 and it took me like a whole day...and in di end it didnt even work.... can anyone help me plzzz....