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    [MBC] East of Eden

    if you are interested in this series check out the large....I mean very large thread over at Now is anyone watching this drama, I've watched it subbed up to eps 8 and I'm hooked!!!!!!!!! The entire cast is brilliant. Song Seung-Heon really picked a very good drama for his first...
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    Blood Dance

    Aruthor: M Title: Blood Dance Rating: R/NC-17 Disclaimer: All characters are mine! Chapter One Alex fooled with the rim of her glasses while concentrating on the report in front of her. Her hazel eyes skimmed over each line very slowly, trying to find what her boss had found wrong with...
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    ~ Unbearable ~

    Author: M Title: Unbearable Rating: MATURE for Smut She was laughing at him even though her mouth wasn't moving, he could read it all over her face. Her back pressed up against the wall, one leg hiked up a little so her high heel was tapping at the floor. Tsukasa felt like a toy, amusing...
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    Dark Heart (MARS/TFATF)

    Author: M Title: Dark Heart Rating: PG-13 to R Disclaimer: All characters from TFATF aren't mine, I am using them for fun only. The characters of Mars - Chen Ling, Chen Sheng and Han Qi Luo aren't mine either. All other characters are mine. Summary: Some say we must forget our past. For Chen...
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    Jam Leuy Ruk : Making of Arisoya :: Aum/Aff

    Author: M Disclaimer: All characters from JLR aren't mine, I'm not making any money and I am writing this for fun! Rating: PG-13 Summary: I'm not good at these :( Takes place a year after the show ended. A/N: I'd like to thank cecilia for her support!! Chapter One A soft smile played on...
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    ChenLing's JLR FEVER

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    Chenling's Artwork :)

    *all textures, brushes aren't mine*