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  1. lakorndemon

    Diamond's problem

    Hi there, diamond's friend here. Recently diamond can't go into sarnworld to post up things cause she got her laptop taken away by her parents for staying up all night. She complains to me that it isn't fair because she bought the laptop herself with her own money. She also said she doesn't go...
  2. lakorndemon

    How An Actress Kiss

    i know i wasn't halfway done with my other fan fic but this story bites the hell out of me for some reason... i was watching "sompong nong somchai" the other day and all of the sudden, a story popped out of my head for some my urge to write it is too much and i just have to write...
  3. lakorndemon

    Rule Number One: Never Fall In Love

    Posters made by: her... ELLO PEOPLE!!! This is my first attempt of writing a Fan-Fic will be posted soon CHARACTERS Bua as Pan: A 24 year old girl who lives with her best friend, Tam, in an apartment in Bangkok after some argument with her father...
  4. lakorndemon

    Don't you feel lonely?

    Hi there, i just wanna ask, if anybody has ever felt lonely...i mean...i have recently moved to idahoe and was just enrolled in a new school...i don't really know people over there that much and i can't contact my friend that much for they're also busy...and if you're wondering...i'm the only...
  5. lakorndemon

    Love vs. Rich

    Hello...this is not my story but my friend's who gave me permission to post this i repeat...this is not my is a retelling story of one of my favorite lakorn...though he did changed it a little XD you guys enjoy it...and please give...
  6. lakorndemon

    What do you think about strict parents?

    I got really strict parents who wants me to study all the times and are clipping my wings of freedom...I really hate them but love them also for they are my parents...anyway, my parents are way too strict...they wouldn't let me go out, wouldn't let me go to parties, wouldn't let me do what i...