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  1. marduk

    Anyone here paying attention to the Iowa caucuses?

    I'm not going to lie. I'm a Democrat. If you're a republican, that's cool, but I thought we should have a forum to discuss some of the things that are going on. After drifting between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I finally decided to fully support Obama. Sure, his name is amazing (President...
  2. marduk

    New Album

    Here it is ya'll. The moment you've all been waiting for. From the people that brought you Mardikulous comes the new highly anticipated album... Confessions of a Love Nut Monkey Front Cover Back Cover Following the success of his debut album Mardikulous, Marduk decided to go in...
  3. marduk

    Question on the King of Thailand

    I read this article on Yahoo today. If you feel the inclination, then give it a read. I personally find it ridiculous that the Professor is in trouble for asking that question. As the end of the article stated, I think the institution of education is in serious jeopardy in Thailand when you...
  4. marduk

    Why Thai policemen are corrupt

    Most countries would suspend cops who are bad, but Thailand has to be different. No wonder they continue to be corrupt. I really don't know what to say to this. Personally, I would love this punishment. :unsure:
  5. marduk

    Oscar the Grim Cat Reaper

    Believers, start worshiping. Skeptics, start thinking about alternative explanations. For me personally, I'd avoid this cat like the plague. I don't want him signaling my death. I rather be surprise by it.
  6. marduk

    Just A Nice Guy

    Here's a great mini series done by the same group of guys who did "Yellow Fever," a funny vid about how the white boys are taking the asian girls. This one is more serious and for an amateur production is very good. Of course, that's because they're located in the wonderful city of San Diego...
  7. marduk

    Spice Girls Reunion

    Yes, it's brokeback, but somehow I'm very excited about this. Jay kay, I keed...sorta...not really. Cue the smileys... :yahoo: :drool: :spin: :wub: :clap: :dude: :baby-scene-pop-corn: :dude:
  8. marduk

    Fresh preview of next album

    So as you all know, I'm coming out with a new album this Fall. It's going to be a double album. One is called "Love at Sunrise" and the other is called "Hedonism at Sunset." This new single is from the second album. It's not done yet, but it's a good preview of the song. It features Nai aka...
  9. marduk

    Sarnworld Wikipedia

    Sup all. If you don't know, Sarnworld does have a wikipedia. Darv has worked pretty hard on it and there are all these lakorns that need info. However, the thing about a wikipedia is that it needs people to update it. It's completely run by the people for the people. Since we Sarnies all know a...
  10. marduk

    My new obsession

    So thanks to my fellow stalker buddy iJohn, I now have a new obsession!! Check out this vid. I think she's awesome, and I used to think John was crazy for saying that Australian Asians are awesome. First off, I'm not saying she's awesome cause she's...
  11. marduk

    Something I Read On Interracial Dating

    So I was up late again, not sleeping and surfing the web when I came upon this site with a paragraph on the TV Show Batman Beyond. This WB cartoon series began airing in 1999. Batman Beyond starts when Terry McGinnis, a white high school student, dons the mask under the tutelege of retired...
  12. marduk

    Check out Diane's The Remaker Show in the radio forum

    So I just listened to Diane's pre-recorded radio show and I have to say that I'm very impressed. All of you should check it out. It's in the radio forum and you just have to download it. For those of you with an iPod or other mp3 players, it's even better. You can just download it to your mp3...
  13. marduk

    South Koreans and Plastic Surgery

    Check out some of these lovely quotes from the article. "By conservative estimates, 50% of South Korean women in their 20s have had some form of cosmetic surgery." "A woman's magazine recently advised its readers to spend 30% of their incomes on looking good. The reason, you will end up with a...
  14. marduk

    Marduk Madness

    I'm not trying to upstage Ms. Ning-O, but I thought I should share my traveling pix too. I put some of these in the "Share your Ventures" thread already but now that there's an actual pix section, I should organize it in here. Hopefully some of these pix will make you want to go to these places...
  15. marduk

    Favorite Mardikulous Song

    So now that the album has been out there for a while, it's time to ask you guys what was your favorite song on it. If you need a refresher, here's a link to the album. Also, if you voted, tell us why it was your favorite. For me...
  16. marduk

    Total Domination By Pimps and Hoes!!!

    If you guys don't know the game, then don't worry about it. For those of you that do, look at "WTF" and the disgrace they've turned into. Their team is being picked off one by one and their leadership is in shambles!! Recently, Tina (their leader) went towards kicking people out because they...
  17. marduk

    This shows why I think America is backwards sometimes

    I just found out about this today and it's so freakin ridiculous I don't even know whether to be mad or laugh. Read the article for yourself and see if you can guess why I'm mad. There are so many things I want to say but really, people need to wake...
  18. marduk

    Parapsychology: The Study of the Supernatural

    Halloween is coming up and in honor of that, I want to dedicate my show this week to the supernatural. I'll examine religious beliefs, legends and stories, and scientific findings to see if there are any truths to these type of things. So for this week, it would be great if you guys can either...
  19. marduk

    Global Warming

    You guys know the deal. Thanks a lot to all of those that responded last week. I really appreciated your thoughts. For this week, I would like to talk about global warming and its effect on our planet. Let me know what you guys think and whether something strange is really going on. Is doomsday...
  20. marduk

    Nuclear power in North Korea

    For those of you that listen to the radio, you know that I have a topic I talk about every Wed night at 10PM during my radio show. This week, I'm starting a new thing where I post a topic for you guys to discuss and I'll talk about it during my show. The topic for this week is nuclear power in...