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    adobe CS6?

    nvm, got my own copy :S
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    adobe CS6?

    does anyone have a free download to that photoshop CS6 or 5 master collection (or something like that)? i havent been here for so many years i dont even know if this forums is alive or not >_<
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    i have nothing more to say to u than this face --> :rolleyes: i was stating my opinion, dude. and in MY opinion, ann is tooooooooo old for my rome =p excuse moi.
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    uh...sorry but ann looks too old for my rome -_- ... they could have chosen a younger girl for my baby -_- -not gonna watch-even though i LOVE rome...sorry baby i have to pass this lakorn bc i dont like ann T_T forgive me love..
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    Super Natural?

    i just heard today that in MN theres a number that calls people. when you answer "hello" the voice (man or female, its a mystery) on the other line will say "lets go (in whatever language you speak)" then hands up. couple days later you are announce dead. happened to couple people (hmong peeps...
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    what annoys you the most about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    hmmm i dont have a bf now but *FLASH BACK* traumatize -i even dream about it sometimes-
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    well i used to play PWI (perfect world international). got to level 76 and gave up because it was hard to level aha! good thing i stopped playing though, was losing my reality life over that game. omg
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    got scammed from the internet charge me $180

    well i never got scam i was just stupid :mellow: .. it was for ring tones. forgot to cancel it and it was charged on my bill...yuck. never got my $10 back.
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    For those looking to make some money online

    writing is no no for me. i suck down to the bones. just yesterday i was trying to figure out how to spell "owe". is there any other online jobs that is not about writing??
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    bare mineral bobbie brown victoria something... hmm i dont have that much make up .... honestly make up makes me look 10 times better but the next day two or three pimples would come. thats why i only wear it when i really need to
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    sister mess up

    i WAS about to reply but i saw your siggie and totally forgot what i was going to say O_o.. he brain washed me in that second.
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    you said pickles and i was trying to imagine pickles. but i was imagining the slice up piece you put in hamburgers... and im thinking 'what the hell is this girl talking about?'.... then i thought again... if the pickles were sliced up, then they had to come in some kind of shape... damn my IQ...
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    omg! lmfao you think dirtier than me! but it depends... if the woman had a lot of sex but with small patricks, then it's 50 50 her vajayjay is getting cut. so yeah...depends on the size too :mellow:
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    Is it me or

    omg! let me borrow some of those!
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    they dont cut loose holes, only tight ones lmfao :ph34r:
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    Is it me or

    computer games... or wii games... it keeps me happy!! never bored
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    i WAS thinking about having a lot of babies. BUT then i thought again.... im gonna be one ugly fatass. no thanks. two babies are fine. i want to be 30 and still be able to date a 21 yrs.
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    TWiLiGHTERS?? watch that... anyways well... i WAS a twilight fan and i became a vampire for a while. now i have a change of heart! i now LOVE goo jun pyo!!!
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    let me see i used to be a big freak on anime. many more theres always crunchyroll this ... shows a list of what kind of anime you're looking for i guess? hmmm i forgot how much i love...
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    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    damn im totally cheating on my bf with goo jun pyo.