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    4 Star Entertainment aka BXT

    Last year, I saw their booth at the Fresno New Year but I haven't gone into to look at their series/movies lately! Just look for Tsab Mim Xyooj, you'll be able to fine them! Sorry this is all I can to provide you! Hope this help!
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    Sira Patchara Duang Jai Nak Rope(Quiz & Quest)

    My sister went to his concert in December and she told me he mention to his fan to support him on his next movie. But my sister didn't know if he was refering to movies or lakorns? Maybe he was refering to this lakorn!
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    E.T. Yang Got Married...?

    it ain't no rumor it's the truth cuz my bro n law is related to them and my sister told me this summer already! I wasn't shock but I would be shock if his sister was married to that tx dude.
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    Yog Sij Hawm Tig Tau Rov qab!

    mind sharing the cover!
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    Good grief! It's about time they decided to switch the pra ake before it's too late. I wasn't even sure I want to watch it because I'm having a feeling this series would drag on and on like the other remake. What the heck they switch the pra ake and plus nott it's in there so might as well...
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    Thanks thanamas for the update. Where do you get these info? Hopefully it's gonna to turn out like that. We all don't want to go through watching this dude. OMG it will definitely kill this remake...ahahahaha... :angry:
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    Are you talking about nott from sung tung? I was hoping to see him here that was one of the reason it got me back into watching boran series. :rolleyes: o I hope they change the pra ek I don't think this pra ek look's like a prince? :o Maybe he can act but still this series is a ruin for me...
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    thanks for the info! I'll sure do that!
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    <<05-07-09>> Ja Ting Ja Concert

    where do they usually have these concert?
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    Bla Boo Tong

    are there a remake airing now cuz I thought I saw it in youtube but it's just spell differently.
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    Pakou Thao

    Didn't she went to recording in LA but it wasn't released yet bcuz she got married? Wasn't all her song recorded and complete just need to be publish and released? That's cool. Hopefully it will be release soon I will support her!
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    Pakou Thao

    Her brother is keej. All Zinc member are related in a way. MTV is Pakou's sister in law's brother or either cousin which I'm unsure about. Pao, and Vang are half-brother but they both are cousin to Keej, and Shong. I don't know why she is not singing the group? I wish she would! Honestly I...
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    Pakou Thao

    I don't really know her as individual but I know that she one of my nieces. My sister told me that she can't go into her myspace anymore. My sister thinks it's maybe she's been getting compliment from alot of guys and her husband doesn't like it! It's sad that once your married your not able...
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    Any New Hmong Dubb dramas coming out?

    I would have to wait until fresno new year to get better deal especially the last day. But I don't know if I am going to buy from Hmong production? Maybe sun and tnt production might be on my must to buy list though! Oh well, I just have to wait and see which the most interesting.........
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    shooting at chico new year

    The her dude is my cousin's nephew. Of this month, he will be 20 years old. He is a good gentleman. I don't know exactly how he died but I heard he went to eat at my aunt and uncle's booth that same day he die. He was planning to go see his mother at the hospital after the new year. I don't...
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    I hEARD tHAT hNUB lIs iS mARRied..?

    I don't know but I heard my sister in law said she is married to that main guy in the horror movie, Nkauj Nyab. Well we all just have to wait and see if this rumor is true?
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    Shaman lady

    My mother told me that some shaman cannot bare to eat left over food...
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    mai xyooj to marry tub yaj

    Dane! I heard this rumor too, but who knows it might be true! That's why people gossiping about it! It's so common, I don't care if he is married to her or not but shit I want to see him in person? Although I am not is fan, I just want to see this man why most girls are head over heel. Don't...
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    My Music Collections..

    Can someone post these song together into one folder cause it's expire.
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    Pauj Kev Chim Tau Kev Hlub

    I don't really like the way EQ and Hmong production dubb because mostly all the girls have squeeky and monotone voice. My sister told me that mostly the dubber are htt. I think that's probably why I always get confused when I watch little clips of the movie that are dubb by both productions...